Shroom for Two Episode 21: Sunday Funday

Hello, Heroes! 

Welcome to another suntacular episode of Shroom for Two. This week, we do a spate of listener mail from a handful of our loyal listeners. Then, we break down some of our newest additions in Triassic Triumph. Finally, all the bonkers Solar cards that Mike used to smack Taylor around in the Refightening get some time in the sun.

If you're out there listening, please drop us a line at! Listener mail is great, but knowing our audience is out there is great too. See you on the ladder!

Show Notes for Episode 21
[0:00] Loveable friendly banter
 - Salon dot com punishes ad blockers by mining cryptocurrency
[6:38] Listener Mail: Pre-Triassic Citron
 - The Deck
[11:27] Listener Mail: Solar Flare Aggro anti-Aggro
 - The Deck
[15:38] Listener Mail: Disco dance floor & other changes
[19:15] Listener Mail: Brainstorm Valk Talk
 - SuraF's thread
[22:23] Chum Champion And So On
[23:44] Listener Mail: Citron 3-Nut Coolness
 - The Deck
[28:09] Card of the Week: Stupid Cupid
 - Flametongue Kavu
[29:44] Triumph of the Week: Sunstrike
[32:51] Triumph of the Week: Strawberrian
[38:24] Class Warfare: Solar


Shroom for Two Episode 20: The Refightening

Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to another battle edition of Shroom for Two! This week, we show off the decks we built after the archetype draft in Episode 17. We played a 5-match series against each other, and put it up on our YouTube page!

In lieu of our normal show structure, we record a few minutes of preamble, then instruct you to pause the show and watch the matches. Then, after the matches, restart the show to hear our after action report!

We'll be back to our normal format next week. Keep sending in Triassic Triumph-related questions to!

Show notes for Episode 20
 - The YouTube playlist of our games
 - Mike's decks
 - Taylor's decks

Stay tuned after the show to hear about Philadelphia being weird after the Super Bowl!

Shroom for Two Episode 19: I Mustache You a Question

Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to a triassicly triumphant episode of Shroom for Two. Our prayers for Set 4 have been answered. This week, your hosts are swimming around in Hollow Earth looking for new combos.

We begin with a breakdown of the new Fusion mechanic, follow into a discussion of the existing card changes, and then dive into new Set 4 cards!

We'd love to hear about your Set 4 experiences, so please send us some listener mail at

Timestamps for Episode 19

[3:13] New Mechanic: Fusion
 - Note: Yes, fusion triggers happen before "When played" triggers on creatures.
[15:06] Existing Card Changes
[30:42] Regular Card of the Week: Defensive End
[32:57] Triassic Card of the Week: Pumpkin Shell
[35:15] Triassic Card of the Week: Hunting Grounds
[40:01] What have we been seeing on the ladder?
 - Hint: Mustaches
 - Also: A message from Future Mike
[54:39] Zombot Dino and Miscellany
 - Funny giant sprites
 - More funny giant sprites
 - Even more funny giant sprites

Shroom for Two Episode 18: Beast Feast

Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to Shroom for Two! The only Plants vs Zombies: Heroes podcast featuring some fan mail from the designers of the game itself!

To start, we climb to the top of a South Philadelphia lightpole and talk about the daily challenges. We posit some different game modes that are analogous to other PVZ game modes.

Then, we read a smattering of listener mail, including one from Devin Low, creative director of PVZ Heroes! We're both over the moon about that, so you get to hear us get all giddy. If you want to send us some listener mail, email us at!

Finally, we give Beastly cards their turn in the Class Warfare arena.

Tune in soon for our next Battle Royale!

[0:00] Preamble and alternate game modes
- Philadelphia greases lightpoles in case the Eagles win, people climb them anyway
[8:50] Breaking News: Sports keep happening
[9:30] Card of the Week: Fire Rooster
[16:28] Listener Mail
 - Listener Adam's Gravitree
 - Listener Patrick's Mime Garg
[38:44] Class Warfare: Beastly
[1:09:00] Closer

Shroom for Two Episode 17: Drafty Birthday

Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to a special birthday edition of Shroom for Two! This week, we're teeing up the next special battle episode. We do some of our normal show stuff, and draft deck archetypes for the next battle!

We're still building up our bucket of listener mail and deck ideas, so by all means send us more to! We've also started getting ratings on iTunes, so please do those too!

Show Notes for Episode 17
[0:00] Preamble
 - The con Taylor was at instead of getting out of Gold league
 - The game where Mike and Taylor met each other
[5:40] Card of the Week: Energy Drink Zombie
[12:23] Drafty Birthday
 - Our draft options
[31:45] Stinger
 - Pardon my Take
 - Russian vending machine sells Instagram likes

Shroom for Two Episode 16: Guardians of the Guacodile

Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to episode 16 of Shroom for Two! This episode is packed full of cards we love: between Gargologist on Card of the Week, Guardian on Class Warfare, and Spudow on Deck of the Week, you'll hear plenty about why we love to play these cards. Even more astonishingly, Taylor and Mike talk extensively about Guacodile without making a single millennials/avocado toast joke! We'd have thought of it if we hadn't wasted all of our time and money scarfing avocado toast.

If you've got any jokes about millennials, or ideas about what you'd like to hear some millennials talk about on Shroom for Two, please send us an email to!

Show notes for episode 16
 - Reddit thread where we're soliciting deck ideas
 - [6:48] Card of the Week: Gargologist
 - [16:50] Classs Warfare: Guardian
   - Doran, the Siege Tower
 - [38:09] Deck of the Week: Super Plinkow
  - The deck

- [48:49] Taylor and Mike do stupid things when they see pests

Shroom for Two Episode 15: Crazy Train

Hello, Heroes! Welcome to episode 15 of PVZ Heroes podcast and Ozzy Osbourne fancast Shroom for Two!

This week, we highlight some goings-on on the PVZ Heroes Reddit, discuss the world's most expensive ramp creature, and talk about why the Crazy class is so powerful.

We'd love to hear your questions, feedback, and deck ideas, so send us some listener mail at!
Show Notes for Episode 15:  
[4:43] Cool Reddit threads
 - Shroom for Two Deck ideas  
 - Archetype Discussions from SuraF: Cyclecap
 - Mike's similar deck
[11:42] Card of the Week: Toadstool   
[18:20] Class Warfare: Crazy

Shroom for Two Episode 14: New Year, New Mime

Happy New Year, heroes! Welcome to a very mimey mailbag episode of Shroom for Two! (Apologies for the delay in posting the show.)

This week, we spool out a bunch of listener mail, highlight some Reddit threads we liked, and talk about a Mime Gargantuar deck we brewed up! We're out of listener mail, so please send us some card questions, deck ideas, or strategy tips to!

Show Notes for Episode 14:

[2:41] Lightning Round: Extinction Event
[4:50] Lightning Round: Bounty Hunter
[6:48] Lightning Round: Sonic Bloom
[10:30] Listener Mail: Gatling Pea
 - Listener Eliotte's deck
 - Listener Eliotte's email
[13:22] Galactic Gardens is pretty busted
[15:47] 25 tips for PVZ Heroes
[20:31] Card of the Week: Regifting Zombie
 - Spoiler: It's really good
[25:02] Deck of the Week: She Blinded me with Silence
 - The thread where Taylor got the idea
 - The deck


Shroom for Two Episode 13: I'm Dreaming of a Green Christmas

Hello, Heroes!

Thanks for listening to episode 13 of Shroom for Two, the Plants vs Zombies: Heroes podcast where we're back to our regularly scheduled program.

This week, we run through the last few weeks of event cards, talk about Mike's sweet Tankylosaurus deck, and break down the Mega-Grow class! We're spooling through our listener mail next week, so please send us questions for!

Show Notes for Episode 13

Mike's games for the budget tournament

[5:44] Card of the Week: Jolly Holly
[9:56] Card of the Week: Exploding Fruitcake
[14:36] Unexpected Gifts
[18:18] Deck of the Week: Frank the Tank
[28:37] Class Warfare: Mega-Grow

Shroom for Two Episode 12: Battle Royale with Cheese

Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to a very special episode of Shroom for Two! This week, Mike and I play against each other in the Budget Constructed tournament we have been talking about so much. Rather than do all of our normal segments, recorded a bunch of matches and posted them on Youtube!

Here's how it works - the first segment of the show is a preamble for the five matches. Then, there's an interlude, during which you're supposed to pause the show and watch the matches. Then, the last segment was recorded after we finished the matches.

Needless to say, the last segment contains spoilers for the matches themselves, so please watch them before you listen to the show!

Show Notes for Episode 12

[0:00] Preamble, before we played the matches

Youtube playlist for our matches! Editor's note: For the final match, Mike lost his video file, so the footage is from Taylor's perspective.

[3:45] Post-amble, after we played the matches. Watch the matches before you listen to this part!