Shroom for Two Episode 71: Former Favorite Face-Off

Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to another battle episode of Shroom for Two! This episode features a face-off for two former favorites! Taylor and Mike took two deck archetypes from our crowddecking segments, Cyclecap and Valkstorm, and battled against each other! We each built a Cyclecap deck and a Valkstorm deck, and played two best-of-three matches. The matches are on our YouTube page, in the show notes below. The results may surprise you!



Shroom for Two Episode 70:

Hello, Heroes! 

Welcome to a newly nomenclatural episode of Shroom for Two! This week, we reach back to follow up on the Zoo-Mech deck with Gargologist. Taylor thought the deck was compatible with Headhunter as a payoff card, with dancing dudes at the low end and gargantuars at the high end. Mike, as the resident Headhunter-owner, gave it a spin to test the theory.

Afterwards, we jump into our next battle series! We’re going back through our crowddecking segments, picking pairs of decks that we think have a fun matchup together, and battling it out! Stay tuned for the first YouTube video in that series, and maybe more...

Show Notes for Episode 70: 

Mike’s dancing gargologist deck: 

Shroom for Two Episode 69: Potted Powerhouse is Nice*

*Niceness not guaranteed

Hello, Heroes! 

Welcome to another growth-tacular episode of Shroom for Two! This week, Taylor and Mike take a look at long-neglected Core Set build-around-me Potted Powerhouse! We investigate what cards outside the Mega-Grow class work well with PP, and what the basis for a good Potted Powerhouse deck looks like.

Our conclusions may surprise you! Or, they may not, since we realize pretty quickly that Potted Powerhouse is quite clunky. Nevertheless, we give this oft-ignored combo piece the deckbuilding treatment and have fun doing it!

If you’re interested in chatting with us more about Potted Powerhouse, or anything else that strikes your fancy, come hang out with us in the #shroomfortwo channel on the PVZ Heroes Discord server! You can also find us at, and on YouTube at shroomfortwopodcast!

Show Notes for Episode 69

Mike’s Powerhouse Decks:,,

Taylor’s Powerhouse Decks:,

Taylor’s own personal Sports Anime (featuring a photo of him):

Shroom for Two Episode 68: Grave Rave

Hello, Heroes! Welcome to another gravedigging episode of Shroom for Two! We’re not digging our own graves this week - instead, we’re jamming Pogo Bouncers and Mixed-Up Gravediggers to show why Neptuna is the best Gravestone deck.

In our latest installment of Crowddecking, we break down the Gravetuna archetype into its core, its support cards, and its flex slots. We discuss how to play it, how to beat it, and how to build a deck that maximizes Enter the Battlefield abilities. 

If you’ve got decks to submit, questions to ask, or chill vibes to relax with, share them with us! Our discord channel is in the show notes below. Our email address is, and our YouTube channel is shroomfortwopodcast!

Until next time, may all your Gravediggers get maximum value.

Show Notes for Episode 68: 

PVZ Heroes Discord. Come hang out in the #shroomfortwo channel!

 Data for Gravetuna decks:

Shroom for Two Episode 67: Every Other Podcast is Alive Inside You

Hello, Heroes! 

Welcome to another episode of Shroom for Two, where Taylor spreads the word of the new Philadelphia gospel: Did you know that all the food you’ve ever eaten is alive inside you, and that the only way to deal with that is to turn yourself into a statue? Neither did Mike! You’ll get some education on this latest nutritional trend. 

You’ll also receive some education on the subject of Frankentaur and Shieldcrusher Viking, the two main subjects of this episode. We discuss Mike’s latest video, and Taylor’s latest foray into Z-Mech go-wide beatdown. 

Do attend. 

If you’d like to send Mike and Taylor some listener mail, you can do so at, or in the PVZ Heroes Discord channel, #shroomfortwo! 

Show Notes for Episode 67

That weird meme from r/Philadelphia:

More of that weird Steel Furnacr meme:

NHL owner invests $250 million into minor league football

Mike’s latest YouTube video:

Mike and Taylor’s decks from this episode:,

Fry’s G-rated Twitch streamer dunk on a hacker:


Shroom for Two Episode 66: Discord Discourse

Hello, Heroes! 

Welcome to another decktacular episode of Shroom for Two! After coming down from the world’s least exciting Super Bowl, Mike and Taylor dive deep into the new, post-rebalance decks you’ve been posting in the ShroomForTwo Discord channel. We present our most-played decks since the last show - Mike’s Beta Carrotina Bog of Enlightenment deck and Taylor’s Transfiguration Molekale deck.

Then, we review several decks posted by you all. Gravestones run rampant, along with some Chompzilla midrange and Zoo-mech Flag Zombie shenanigans. We take a bite out of some custom cards, and read a very touching listener mail. 

Show Notes from Episode 66:

Listener Decks:

Tempo Brainfreeze write-up:

Zoo-Mech write-up:

Listener Mail from Listener Jesse:

Listener Austin’s PvZ 2 custom cards:

Mike and Taylor’s decks:

Shroom for Two Episode 65: The Great Rebalancing

Hello, Heroes!

The great rebalancing is upon us! The new balance patch has landed in PVZ Heroes, so it’s time to dive right in to the new meta. We’re diving in so deep, we recorded an entire second podcast this week! We recorded a Colossal Fossils retrospective on Wednesday, the night before the patch dropped.

When the patch arrived on Thursday, we decided to record again! Enjoy a bonus segment from future Mike, and future Taylor, on what we think the implications of the new patch will be. We talk about what we’ll be experimenting with, what we’re hoping we stop seeing, and where our question marks are.

Enjoy the balance patch, Heroes! See you on the ladder. Don’t forget to come hang out in the #ShroomForTwo channel on the PVZ Heroes Discord!

Show Notes for Episode 65

PVZ Heroes Discord:

Mike’s amphibious Beta Carrotina deck:

Taylor learning about Yeti Smash:

Reddit thread about the balance patch:

Shroom for Two Episode 64: 20Fryteen

Hello, Heroes! 

Welcome to another frytacular episode of Shroom for Two. This week, we’re examining a pair of year’s end videos from Fry ‘Em Up, the biggest PVZ Heroes YouTuber. 

He has two videos up right now that showcase his favorite plant and zombie decks for 2018. Mike and Taylor watched those videos, built some of the decks, and took them for a spin. Check them out yourselves, and tune in for our commentary! 

As a reminder, we’re moving to a biweekly show format, so there’s no show next week (Mike and Taylor will be too busy turning 30 to do a show). Next time, we hope to review some Gravestone Neptuna decks, so please send yours to!

We’re hoping to do a listener mailbag sometime soon too, so please send questions you’ve got to as well! 

Don’t forget to check out our #shroomfortwo channel on the PVZ Heroes Discord server in the show notes!

Show Notes for Episode 64:

PVZ Heroes Discord:

Fry’s Plant Video:

Fry’s Zombie Video:

Mike’s Aggro Green Shadow deck (18-0 version)

Shroom For Two Episode 63 - SFT 2020

Happy new year!

SFT is back from our week-and-a-half long holiday week with the long awaited fight episode! Check out the full playlist of games here: And while you’re there, subscribe to our channel; Mike will keep putting out videos once he gets home. Also, starting in 2019, SFT will be scaling back to every other week. We still love you, we just need to go to the store…every other week. And don’t forget to send us your Gravestone Neptuna decks!

Shroom for Two Episode 62 - Draftsmas Eve

Hello, Heroes! Welcome to another draftacular episode of Shroom for Two! 

This week, we’re ramping up for our special holiday battle episode. We liked the idea of drafting decks in our previous battle episodes, so we’re sticking with that. 

We’ve got some additional restrictions on the deckbuilding this time that should ensure some creative and different decks. You’ll have to listen to find out what they are and what we picked! 

We hope you’re having a happy holiday season. Stay tuned for our next battle episode next week! And keep an eye on our Youtube page at ShroomForTwoPodcast. Mike’s got some plans…

Show notes for Episode 62

Mike’s fantasy team:

Justini’s Tournament Stats:

Justini’s class dupe stats (multiply each percentage by 2 since they’re expressed out of 50):

Plant deck list

Berry spudow


Aggro rose 

Bean Shadow


Heal knight

Tempo Grass Knuckles 

Bonus Attack CC 

Aggro SF 

3 Nut Citron/BC 


Zombie deck list

Conjure HG/SB 

Sports smash 

Hunting grounds immorticia 


Pirate impfinity 

Dance boog 

Gargologist Zmech 

Gravestone nep

Science RB

Pet Brain Freeze