Shroom for Two Episode 30: Rate My Deck

Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to a very decktacular episode of Shroom for Two! We'll be going over six decks submitted by you, the listeners! We're very impressed with what you all put together. So impressed, that we've got a special surprise waiting for you after we review the sixth deck!

If you're interested in sending us some listener mail, please send it to!

[5:47]  Card of the Week: Zombie High Diver
[14:38] Decktacular: Onion Chompzilla
[18:02] Decktacular: Brain Freeze Frenzythrough
[20:40] Decktacular: Wall Knight 3-Nut
[24:46] Decktacular: Smash Hunting Grounds
[33:06] Decktacular: Chompzilla Aggro
[39:08] Decktacular: Boogaloo Newspaper


Shroom for Two Episode 29: The Remailbaggening

Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to another episode of Shroom for Two! This week, it's a listener mailstravaganza, where we answer a bunch of questions sent in by you!

We got so many deck submissions that we'll be dealing with those separately. Next episode will be the listener deckstravaganza! This time, you'll hear us discuss cards you like, cards you don't like, and a few cheap shots at Mark Zuckerberg.

If you've got any questions, comments, decks, or feedback, please send them to us at!

Show Notes for Episode 29

[4:57] Card of the Week: Snake Grass
[13:00] Mailbag
 - Gabo's email. Check out the topic ideas and tell us what you think!
[17:34] Listener Mail: Red Stinger
[21:38] Listener Mail: Chomper
[25:36] Listener Mail: Podfighter
[30:14] Listener Mail: Synchronized Swimmer
[32:49] Listener Mail: Rarity changes
[35:55] Listener Mail: Why is Mike in love with Neptuna?
 - Hearthstone Mechanic: Secrets
[40:16] Listener Mail: Tokens
[44:19] Listener Mail: More on Bad Cards
 - Various buff suggestions

Shroom for Two Episode 28: Party Hearty

Hello, Heroes! Welcome to another robust episode of Shroom for Two!

This week, Mike continues detailing his enthusiastic climb up the ladder. Then, we discuss Lily of the Valley, who's not as sturdy as they once were, but still a very strong inclusion in most decks. Finally, we do our penultimate Class Warfare, for everybody's favorite bunch of healthy zombies, the Hearty class.

We'll be doing a bunch of listener mail next week. Send your questions, comments, and ideas to!

No timestamps this week, because Taylor only had time to google synonyms for "hearty" before heading out the door! Try and spot them all!

Shroom for Two Episode 27: The One Where We Sell Out

Hello, Heroes! Welcome to a fun and funny episode of Shroom for Two. This week, we discuss a few of those rumored nerfs/buffs. Mike's 6 copies of Valkyrie are crying as nerfs appear to be coming for most parts of that OTK Valkyrie deck except Valkyrie.

Then, we discuss the card of the week, Spyris. We disagree about how good Spyris is, but we're both of the opinion that it's a good card that you should be playing.

We end the show with Mike discussing his new ladder project! He'll be keeping data about his match wins and opponents, see how his decks put up numbers, and see what the different substrata of the ladder look like!

If you've got feedback for us or our new friends, please send them to!

[4:09] Unofficial card changes
 - The thread containing the info (
[9:35] Card of the Week: Spyris
[18:19] Ladder Talk
[27:20] Stinger

Shroom for Two Episode 26: Kabloom Goes the Dynamite

Hello, Heroes!  
Welcome to an explosive episode of Shroom for Two that's sure to appeal to red mages everywhere. We celebrate the first day of Spring (and Philadelphia's corresponding blizzard) with a deep dive on the Kabloom class.  
First, we revisit SuraF and Justini's power rankings, with an eye towards picking a few nits. Then, we give some reasons why Shamrocket (this week's event card) may be the best one in the entire mix. We follow that up with a piece of listener mail and a ludological breakdown of why "bad cards" exist. We conclude with a Class Warfare segment on one of the most powerful plant classes.  

If you've got any questions, feedback, or suggestions, please post them in the Reddit thread (we're sticky now!) or email us at  

Show notes for Episode 26  
[1:43] Tier Lists revisted  
 - Zombie event cards (  
 - Plant event cards (  
 - f00gers and Weasel's Set 3/4 Zombie card list (  
[16:35] Card of the Week: Shamrocket  
[22:17] "Bad" cards  
 - The email (  
 - Mark Rosewater's podcast on bad cards (  
 - Mark Rosewater's article on bad cards (  
[27:55] Class Warfare: Kabloom  

Shroom for Two Episode 25: Paris Hilton's Deathbed VR Puzzle Hunt

Hello, Heroes! Welcome to an episode of Shroom for Two with a title so weird, we forgot to read it!

This week, we ponder the mechanical implementation of Three Nut and why it makes weird things happen. Then, through some listener mail, pondering a collection of decks from metas past, and the implications of releasing a set in two batches. Then, we check out SuraF and Justini's awesome graphics, wherein they ponder the relative power of various event cards. Finally, Mike asks you to ponder which block meter shenanigans generate the most feelbads.

Stick around after the show, where we ponder why Ready Player One looks so lame. 

[0:00] Ready Player Paris Hilton
[1:30] Three Nut's weird rules (and maybe a bug)
[6:00] Puzzles and stuff
 - Taylor won't shut up about Magic: Emblems(
[10:45] Listener Mail: A whole bunch of decks
 - The decks (
[20:16] Listener Mail: Combos split between set 3 and 4
 - The email (
[28:24] Plucky Clover plus Event Card Rankings
 - Plant cards (
 - Zombie cards (
[42:52] Good use of polling
 - Which feels worse? (
[48:50] Stinger: We bust on Ready Player One some more [PG-13]


Shroom for Two Episode 24: Ballad of the Sneak

Hello, everybody! Welcome to a lively, rodent-like episode of Shroom for Two!

This week, we access our inner Disguised Toast and investigate how Primal Peashooter interacts with various zombie creatures. Then, we try to wrap our brains around one of the more unusual Cards of the Week. Finally, we break down everything there is to know about the Sneaky class!

We've got a bit of listener mail in the queue, but if you want to share anything at all with us, please write to us at!

[0:00] What the title means, for the kiddies
 - [Ballad of the Sneak](
[1:44] Investigating Primal Peashooter
 - [Reddit thread about Primal Peashooter](
[5:26] Card of the Week: Electric Blueberry
[11:46] Class Warfare: Sneaky
 - [Taylor Won't Shut Up About Magic: Morph](

Shroom for Two Episode 23: Peas to Meet You

Hello, Heroes! Welcome to a wholesome, green episode of Shroom for Two!

This week, we open with a discussion about not playing OTK Valkyrie makes you a cool kid. Don't you want to be cool?

Then, we answer some listener mail from listeners who were cool enough to send their questions in to Don't you want us to answer your questions?

Then, we discuss Bonus Track Buckethead, and how that Smash deck from f00gers absolutely destroys every deck Taylor plays on the ladder. Don't you want to beat Taylor on the ladder?

Finally, we talk about peas. All children love peas, as do Green Shadow and her ally Mike. Don't you want to be like them?

Tune in next week, for the return of Class Warfare!

[1:00] Deck tracking and whatnot
 - Tempostorm meta snapshots (from Hearthstone)
 - NetrunnerDB (netdecking tool from Netrunner)
[6:17] Listener Mail: Beta Carrotina
 - Mike's Shooting Starfruit deck
[12:29] Listener Mail: F2P Dinobot
 - The deck
[19:18] Bonus Track Buckethead
 - f00gers deck
[26:31] Wholesome Green Shadow
 - The deck
[39:59] Stinger (PG-13)
 - Orson Welles on Frozen Peas
 - Parody of Orson Welles on Frozen Peas

Shroom for Two Episode 22: Double Decker

Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to a decktacular episode of Shroom for Two! This week, we're forgoing the regular structure of highlighting single cards from Triassic Triumph; we each had a deck we really liked, so we're doing two decks!

Be sure to listen all the way to the end, to hear us trip over closing the show so much, someone calls the podcast police!

Drop us a line! Send us some listener mail to! We'd love deck ideas, card critiques, and show feedback!

[0:45] Mike Opens Legendaries: Cornucopia
[2:30] Cash Shop Musings
[4:45] Mike Opens Legendaries: Apotatosaurus
[6:36] Card of the Week: Sportacus
[11:05] Taylor's deck: Rotobaga Citron
 - The deck
[17:23] Mike's Deck: Headhunter Brainstorm
 - The deck
[30:59] Impromptu Unrecorded Battle
[34:10] Show closer, attempts 1-4
[35:23] Stinger


Shroom for Two Episode 21: Sunday Funday

Hello, Heroes! 

Welcome to another suntacular episode of Shroom for Two. This week, we do a spate of listener mail from a handful of our loyal listeners. Then, we break down some of our newest additions in Triassic Triumph. Finally, all the bonkers Solar cards that Mike used to smack Taylor around in the Refightening get some time in the sun.

If you're out there listening, please drop us a line at! Listener mail is great, but knowing our audience is out there is great too. See you on the ladder!

Show Notes for Episode 21
[0:00] Loveable friendly banter
 - Salon dot com punishes ad blockers by mining cryptocurrency
[6:38] Listener Mail: Pre-Triassic Citron
 - The Deck
[11:27] Listener Mail: Solar Flare Aggro anti-Aggro
 - The Deck
[15:38] Listener Mail: Disco dance floor & other changes
[19:15] Listener Mail: Brainstorm Valk Talk
 - SuraF's thread
[22:23] Chum Champion And So On
[23:44] Listener Mail: Citron 3-Nut Coolness
 - The Deck
[28:09] Card of the Week: Stupid Cupid
 - Flametongue Kavu
[29:44] Triumph of the Week: Sunstrike
[32:51] Triumph of the Week: Strawberrian
[38:24] Class Warfare: Solar