Shroom for Two Episode 38: A Bridge Too Garg

Hello, Heroes! 

Welcome to another smashing episode of Shroom for Two! This week, surprising nobody, Mike continues into the top 8 of the second Reddit tournament. Will he take his super secret technology all the way to the Canadian bank? We’re on the edge of our American seats!

Meanwhile, Taylor’s been experimenting with a combo deck by redditor WiFi-Brain! We discussed Pod Fighter a few weeks ago, and WiFi-Brain publishes a very compact Pod Fighter deck that Taylor has been really enjoying! We discuss its construction and its strategy. Maybe Pod Fighter should be the foregrounded woman in the red dress to your next Wandering Eye Boyfriend meme.

Then, we discuss Going Viral, probably the best event card of the entire batch. It’s great - if you’re a zombie, you should play it. If you’re a plant, you should learn to play around it. We talk about how to do both, and why it very deservedly sits atop the event card rankings. 

Finally, we discuss Taylor’s favorite iconic zombie tribe, Gargantuars. We reminisce about their role in the original PVZ, discuss their mechanical identity, and talk about how to build with them! 

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Show notes for episode 38

[0:00] Tournament Updates
[3:14] Reddit Highlight: OTK Pod Fighter
 - The Thread:
[12:25] Card of the Week: Going Viral
 - Limited Resources: The 'Groan Test':
[23:19] Tribe Talk: Gargantuars

Shroom for Two Episode 37: Wearing a Little Flower As a Hat

Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to another episode of Shroom for Two, the PVZ Heroes podcast that, like every rose, has its thorns.

This week, we discuss our current standings in the Reddit tournament. Mike's doing his best Lebron impression and vanquishing everybody, although perhaps the dream team of upcoming opponents will finally put a stop to his reign of terror.

Our card of the week, High Voltage Currant, kicks off an extremely juicy month of June. There are a lot of pushed event cards coming this month, and HVC is no exception. We talk about why it's good early and late, and why this Cosmic Berry by another name should make its way into your decks.

Finally, we do our next installment of Tribe Talk. Flowers are the subject this week; we discuss their far-reaching mechanical identity. We also ponder what needs to be done about Briar Rose, the flower lord that, upon a mountain of skulls, in a castle of pain, sits on a throne of our broken dreams.

If you'd like to sound off about Briar Rose, or any other subject, please write to us at!

Show notes for episode 37

[0:00] Tournament updates and jokes about Lebron
[2:52] Superpower randomness
[9:27] Card of the Week: High-Voltage Currant
[12:56] Mike's FTP Update
[14:13] Tribe Talk: Flowers (also Briar Rose)

Shroom for Two Episode 36: The Free-to-Play Episode

Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to a freely playable episode of Shroom for Two. Mike's free-to-play account has begun to bear fruit, and we have an extensive talk about how it's going so far,

Before that, we answer a handful of listener mails. We take a look at the basic set, have some follow-up about Secret Agent, and discuss freeze decks.

Before that, we discuss the card of the week: Sun Shroom. It's a little clunky compared to flower-based ramp mechanisms, but it's got some advantages.

Before that, we talk a bit about the Reddit tournament, and make a funny joke.

If you'd like to see our videos from the tournament, check out our YouTube channel at shroomfortwopodcast! We're also accepting listener mail at!

[0:00] Reddit Tournament
 - Joke:
[7:18] Card of the Week: Sun Shroom
[17:20] Listener Mail: Basic cards
[19:39] Listener Mail: Follow up on Goat/Swimmer
 - From listener Patrick:
 - Fry's Secret Agent/Goat deck
[24:40] Listener Mail: Freeze decks
 - Listener Ethan's Deck:
 - Listener Ethan's Mail:
[33:59] F2P Talk
 - Mike's F2P gallery:


Shroom for Two Episode 35: Imposter Syndrome

Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to episode 35 of Shroom for Two! This week, we begin with some debate over the rollout of the balance patch. First it was delayed, then it goofed the daily challenge, then we got a free booster pack. Taylor and Mike are differing levels of mad about the whole thing. Towards the end, we discuss a few decks that we've been working on. Taylor's back on the Mime Gargantuar kick, this time with Immorticia!

Next, we discuss Impfinity's favorite Card of the Week, Imposter! This little guy is 10 lbs of card advantage in a 5 lb bag, and we break down why exactly this 1-cost 2/1 is an aggro deck's dream come true.

Finally, we take a big bite of Savage Spinach! Mike's been hard at work brewing with each of the Mega-Grow heroes. We discuss how all-in Savage Spinach wants you to go, and which heroes have the best support structure for making that happen.

If you've got any listener mail to send us, please toss it our way at! We're also on YouTube at shroomfortwopodcast, so be sure to jackhammer those like buttons.

Show notes for Episode 35

Mike and Taylor's handful of decks:


Shroom for Two Episode 34: Pet Play

Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to a tribetastic episode of Shroom for Two! This week is the debut of our new segment, Tribe Talk. We kick it off with discussion of one of the post powerful zombie tribes: Pets! We talk about the ins and outs of the tribe and its associated gameplay.

We also perform a quck mea culpa on Banana Split, with Mike's banana CC deck outperforming our expectations. We also discuss Secret Agent, and why it's more narrow than it looks. We do a few listener mail questions as well!

If you'd like to have us answer your questions, please write to us at!

Show notes for Episode 34

[0:00] PVZ Heroes Reddit's Next Tournament

[2:53] Mike's Banana Captain Combustable

[9:54] Card of the Week: Secret Agent

[21:21] Listener Mail: Would we ever stream on Twitch?

[25:51] Listener Mail: Climbing to Ultimate with one Hero per rank

[29:56] Tribe Talk: Pets

Shroom for Two Episode 33: In Memoriam of Mustache Monument

Hello, Heroes! 

Welcome to a patchtastic episode of Shroom for Two! Apologies for the late posting.

This week, Mike and Taylor go over all the card changes! We highlight a few changes that we think will make a big impact. Mike and Taylor disagree about how big the Marine Bean change will be. Send us your thoughts about whether Marine Beans will start showing up in bean decks!

Then, we discuss this week’s card of the week - Garlic! Mike and Taylor also disagree about how good Garlic is. Taylor thinks it’s a must-have auto-include for every guardian deck, but that might just be because he loves Rotobaga and Pecanolith so much. Mike is more lukewarm on Garlic, but sees its potential.

Finally, Mike pulls up in his solid gold rocket car and tells Huge-Giganticus to get in, loser, we’re going shopping for ladder points. We discuss how Excavator Zombie is spicy HG technology, and ponder what the effects of the Mustache Monument nerf will be on Shieldcrusher Viking.

To get in touch, send us listener mail to!

Show Notes for Episode 33: 

Full list of card changes:

Mike’s HG deck:


[0:00] Card Changes

[25:09] Card of the Week: Garlic

[30:15] Mike’s HG Deck

Shroom for Two Episode 32: Smarty Plants

Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to another astute episode of Shroom for Two! This week, we double up on card-of-the-week segments, since we skipped discussing Health Nut last time. We hope you got the full complement of Health Nuts when they were available, because we've got pretty much nothing but good things to say about it. We're less generous to Banana Split, but we try to make it clear why, and what potential we see in it.

Then, we finally reach the thrilling conclusion of the Class Warfare segment. We end where we begin, with Green Shadow and the easy-to-learn, hard-to-master Smarty class. There's a lot of very juicy game design topics present in Smarty's section of the color pie! We discuss the combo enablers everybody hates to love and loves to hate, why beans are the gold standard for PVZ Heroes tribal synergy, and why Dark Matter Dragonfruit is just three Defensive Ends duct taped together.

Class Warfare may have concluded, but we've still got plenty of ideas in the pipeline for Shroom for Two! If you've got any ideas for us, or have any comments and questions to share, please email us at! You can also find us on YouTube at shroomfortwopodcast. Don't forget to jackhammer those "Like" and "Subscribe" buttons.

Shroom for Two Episode 31: The Decktacular

Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to another battle episode of Shroom for Two! This is our third series of recorded matches on Shroom for Two. This time, Mike and Taylor battled each other with a set of listener-submitted decks from the last episode!

As is usual for these recorded match episodes, there's a brief pre-show, after which you should pause the show and watch the matches on YouTube. Then, restart the show for the post-game wrap-up.

We skipped talking about Health Nut this week, even though it's great, to make room for the games. You should get them, though, and we'll talk about all the reasons why next week.

FYI, towards the end of the show, Taylor's computer decided to install a bunch of updates, and he falls off the internet. No fear, he'll be back next week, and Mike closes the show without busting on Taylor too much.

If you've got any feedback or listener mail, please send it to! We're also shroomfortwopodcast on YouTube. Don't forget to jackhammer those Like and Subscribe buttons.

Show notes for Episode 31

Decktacular YouTube playlist

Mike's Decks

Taylor's Decks

Shroom for Two Episode 30: Rate My Deck

Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to a very decktacular episode of Shroom for Two! We'll be going over six decks submitted by you, the listeners! We're very impressed with what you all put together. So impressed, that we've got a special surprise waiting for you after we review the sixth deck!

If you're interested in sending us some listener mail, please send it to!

[5:47]  Card of the Week: Zombie High Diver
[14:38] Decktacular: Onion Chompzilla
[18:02] Decktacular: Brain Freeze Frenzythrough
[20:40] Decktacular: Wall Knight 3-Nut
[24:46] Decktacular: Smash Hunting Grounds
[33:06] Decktacular: Chompzilla Aggro
[39:08] Decktacular: Boogaloo Newspaper


Shroom for Two Episode 29: The Remailbaggening

Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to another episode of Shroom for Two! This week, it's a listener mailstravaganza, where we answer a bunch of questions sent in by you!

We got so many deck submissions that we'll be dealing with those separately. Next episode will be the listener deckstravaganza! This time, you'll hear us discuss cards you like, cards you don't like, and a few cheap shots at Mark Zuckerberg.

If you've got any questions, comments, decks, or feedback, please send them to us at!

Show Notes for Episode 29

[4:57] Card of the Week: Snake Grass
[13:00] Mailbag
 - Gabo's email. Check out the topic ideas and tell us what you think!
[17:34] Listener Mail: Red Stinger
[21:38] Listener Mail: Chomper
[25:36] Listener Mail: Podfighter
[30:14] Listener Mail: Synchronized Swimmer
[32:49] Listener Mail: Rarity changes
[35:55] Listener Mail: Why is Mike in love with Neptuna?
 - Hearthstone Mechanic: Secrets
[40:16] Listener Mail: Tokens
[44:19] Listener Mail: More on Bad Cards
 - Various buff suggestions