Shroom for Two Episode 6: No Brainy November

Hello, Heroes! Welcome to episode 6 of Shroom for Two, the Plants vs Zombies: Heroes podcast!

This week, Mike conscientiously objects to Rustbolt's war on fun, we answer a boatload of listener mail, and brew up a pair of budget Re-Peat Moss decks!

If you've got some listener mail for us, please send it to us at!

Show Notes for Episode 6

2:09 No Brainy November
3:55 Listener Mail: Flowers
7:10 Listener Mail: Bamboozle
9:45 Listener Mail: New player crafting
~15:00 Listener Mail: f00gers thinks we're cool
 - The decks
17:23 Listener Mail: Re-Peat Moss
 - Mike's Grass Knuckles deck
 - Taylor's Captain Combustible deck
21:26 Card of the Week: Jack o lantern
27:41 Card of the Week: Elderberry
30:01 Card of the Week: Fireweed


Shroom for Two Episode 5: More fun than a Barrel of Barrels

Hello, Heroes! Welcome to Shroom for Two Episode 5, the only Plants vs Zombies: Heroes podcast where we talk about how to beat Rustbolt.

This week, we celebrate PVZ Heroes's first birthday, go through more listener mail, highlight a pair of Colossal Fossils plant cards that we think are well-positioned right now, and Mike talks about his Brainy Haterade Rose deck!

If you're interested in writing us some listener mail, you can contact us at! Please let us know what you think of the show, and what you'd like to hear us talk about!

Show Notes for Episode 5
0:00 PVZ Heroes turns 1
 - Mark Rosewater's Blogatog post about PVZ: Heroes
 - PVZ Heroes's lead designer Devin Low
 - Interview with Devin Low
2:28 Listener Mail: Attacking the Metagame
 - Fry's Aggro Solar Flare
 - Fry's video
8:32 Listener Mail: Powerful cards
 - Taylor's Simpsons Metaphor for "Power Creep"
16:48 Listener Mail: Mushroom Decks
19:37 Zombie faction power rankings
21:10 Card of the Week: Trick or Treater
24:31 Card of the Week: Witch Hazel
27:39 Taylor's Fossil of the Week: Cro-Magnolia
30:43 Mike's Fossil of the Week: Tricorn
32:56 Deck Talk: Mike's Anti-Brainy Rose
 - The deck


Shroom for Two Episode 4: Everybody Walk the Dinosaur

Hello, heroes! Set 3 is here! To celebrate, we've recorded a jam-packed double-length episode of Shroom for Two, all about Colossal Fossils!

This week, we answer some listener mail, run down the nerfs and buffs to existing cards, then launch into a discussion of the new cards and mechanics in Colossal Fossils. We talk about what we like, what we don't like, and what we think the game will look like when the meta reshapes around our new dino overlords.

Thanks for listening! If you'd like to send us feedback, please email us at!

Show segments:

00:42 Listener mail
10:48 Existing card changes
21:42 New Mechanic: Evolution
27:39 New Mechanic: Dino Roar
30:12 New Mechanic: Untrickable
37:41 Card of the Week: Zomblob
42:42 Card of the Week: Quickdraw Con-Man
48:38 Deck Talk: Mike's Beta-Carrotina Deck

Show notes for episode 4:
Other game mechanics Taylor mentioned:
    Storm (from Magic)
    Combo (from Hearthstone)
    Evolution (from Pokemon)
Mike's Beta-Carrotina Deck

Shroom for Two Episode 3: ...but not set 3

Hello, heroes! Thanks for listening to the newest episode of Shroom for Two, the only podcast about how Colossal Fossils didn't come out when everyone said it would.

This week, we have our first listener mail segment! (Special thanks to listener Patrick for taking the time to write us at!) Then, Mike discusses what it's like to get 5th copies of legendary cards while driving his solid gold rocket car. After that, we discuss our Card of the Week, and Taylor goes nuts about Go-Nuts.

We're still figuring out how what we'd like this show to be, so please let us know what you want to hear! Email us, or post comments in the corresponding thread on the PVZ Heroes reddit,!

Show Notes for Episode 3:

  • Listener mail segment [1:45]
  • Dupe legendaries and rarity shifts [6:30]
  • Card of the Week: Fraidy Cat [9:09]
  • Deck Talk: Taylor's Green Beans [15:42]


Shroom for Two Episode 2: Does Ketchup Cut the Mustard?

Hello, heroes! Thanks for downloading the next episode of Shroom for Two! We’ve heard your feedback and are now coming to you in glorious split-channel mono, for all your binaurally-homogenous listening needs! Also, Taylor gave up the echo chamber of his living room for the cozy confines of his linen closet. We hope this one sounds much better!

On this episode, we run down the three event cards we’ve seen since last week, Taylor rips off Limited Resources to talk about Quadrant Theory, and Mike takes his budget sports deck all the way to the championship!

Finally, we’ve got two new ways to give us listener feedback! We’re on twitter @shroomfortwopod, and we’ve got an email account set up too. Send us questions, comments, and suggestions at!

Show Notes for Episode 2:

Shroom for Two Episode 1: We're supposed to name these things?

Hello, everybody! Thank you for checking out the first episode of Shroom for Two, a podcast by two fans of Plants vs Zombies: Heroes. Simply put, we saw a place where a PVZ: Heroes podcast wasn't, and that simply would not do. Please give the episode a listen, and let us know what you think over on!

Show notes for episode 1: