Shroom for Two Episode 14: New Year, New Mime

Happy New Year, heroes! Welcome to a very mimey mailbag episode of Shroom for Two! (Apologies for the delay in posting the show.)

This week, we spool out a bunch of listener mail, highlight some Reddit threads we liked, and talk about a Mime Gargantuar deck we brewed up! We're out of listener mail, so please send us some card questions, deck ideas, or strategy tips to!

Show Notes for Episode 14:

[2:41] Lightning Round: Extinction Event
[4:50] Lightning Round: Bounty Hunter
[6:48] Lightning Round: Sonic Bloom
[10:30] Listener Mail: Gatling Pea
 - Listener Eliotte's deck
 - Listener Eliotte's email
[13:22] Galactic Gardens is pretty busted
[15:47] 25 tips for PVZ Heroes
[20:31] Card of the Week: Regifting Zombie
 - Spoiler: It's really good
[25:02] Deck of the Week: She Blinded me with Silence
 - The thread where Taylor got the idea
 - The deck


Shroom for Two Episode 13: I'm Dreaming of a Green Christmas

Hello, Heroes!

Thanks for listening to episode 13 of Shroom for Two, the Plants vs Zombies: Heroes podcast where we're back to our regularly scheduled program.

This week, we run through the last few weeks of event cards, talk about Mike's sweet Tankylosaurus deck, and break down the Mega-Grow class! We're spooling through our listener mail next week, so please send us questions for!

Show Notes for Episode 13

Mike's games for the budget tournament

[5:44] Card of the Week: Jolly Holly
[9:56] Card of the Week: Exploding Fruitcake
[14:36] Unexpected Gifts
[18:18] Deck of the Week: Frank the Tank
[28:37] Class Warfare: Mega-Grow

Shroom for Two Episode 12: Battle Royale with Cheese

Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to a very special episode of Shroom for Two! This week, Mike and I play against each other in the Budget Constructed tournament we have been talking about so much. Rather than do all of our normal segments, recorded a bunch of matches and posted them on Youtube!

Here's how it works - the first segment of the show is a preamble for the five matches. Then, there's an interlude, during which you're supposed to pause the show and watch the matches. Then, the last segment was recorded after we finished the matches.

Needless to say, the last segment contains spoilers for the matches themselves, so please watch them before you listen to the show!

Show Notes for Episode 12

[0:00] Preamble, before we played the matches

Youtube playlist for our matches! Editor's note: For the final match, Mike lost his video file, so the footage is from Taylor's perspective.

[3:45] Post-amble, after we played the matches. Watch the matches before you listen to this part!

Shroom for Two Episode 11: Yes Brainy Yecember

Hi, Heroes!

Welcome to episode 11 of Shroom For Two, the only PVZ Heroes podcast with a new segment called Class Warfare!

This week, we preview some potential changes to existing cards for set 4, zap through some listener mail, and talk at length about Brainy cards and why everybody loses to them all the time! If you've got any listener mail for us, please send it to!

Show Notes for Episode 11

[0:00]: Ladder reset and Set 4 Spoilers
 - Set 4 spoilers
 - Joke MTG set Unstable that Taylor will be playing this weekend
[6:07]: Mike's crazy game story
 - They're dead
[8:40]: Listener Eliotte's Gatling Pea Write-up
 - The pastebin
[9:22]: Listener Yusen's budget decks
 - The decks
[12:14]: Lightning Round: Tankylosarus
[14:30]: Lightning Round: Shieldcrusher Viking
[16:35]: Lightning Round: Wannabe Hero
[19:13]: Card of the Week: Pear Cub
[22:04]: Class Warfare: Brainy
 - Color pie
 - Magic's version of Kitchen Sink Zombie
[43:50]: Funny joke

Shroom for Two Episode 10: Hyperzombometric Calculator

Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to episode 10 of Shroom for Two, the PVZ Heroes podcast where we finally break our moratorium on Set 4 spoilers!

This week, we run through some leaked legendary cards in the upcoming expansion, and run through a lightning round of listener mail! If you've got any questions or comments you'd like to send us, please write to us at!

Show Notes for Shroom for Two Episode 10
[2:03] Leaked set 4 legends
[15:17] Listener mail: Mixed-Up Gravedigger
[20:38] Listener mail: Control Nightcap
 - Link
[28:00] Lightning Round: Wing Nut
[30:04] Lightning Round: Astrovera
 - Reno Jackson
[31:41] Lightning Round: Bodygourd
[34:36] Lightning Round: Binary Stars
[37:08] Lightning Round: Astrocado
[40:53] Even More About Gatling pea

Hypergeometric Calculator
 - Link
 - Video (It's about Magic but the concept is the same)

Shroom For Two - Episode 9: Nut Neutrality

Happy Thanksgiving, heroes! Shroom For Two keeps rolling on, with minimal holiday delays. This week's topics include:

[3:05] Net Neutrality
- What is Net Neutrality and why should I care?

- Who are my congresspeople?

[6:50] Listener Mail: Fossilhead
[9:37] Listener Mail: Gattling pea
[17:41] Listener Mail: Carrotillery
[21:45] Listener Mail: Sports
[27:50] Listener Mail: BC deck
- The deck

[36:00] Listener Mail: Conjuration
[41:37] Listener Mail: Primordial Cheese Shover
[46:28] Lame Card of the Week: Turkey Rider
[48:28] Deck of the Week: Pecan Citron
- The deck

Shroom for Two Episode 8: Shroom for Too Much Mail

Hello, Heroes! Thanks for listening to Shroom for Two episode 8! We took a week off while Taylor was traveling for work, but we're back! Our cup runneth over with listener mail, so we haven't answered every single one yet. If you don't hear your question, though, don't be discouraged! We'll get to it next week.

This week, besides the boatload of listener mail, we talk cryptically about the tournament Mike and I have entered! Will we scrub out like lame noobs, or will we crush everyone and meet in the finals like Goku and Vegeta? We don't know!

If you've got feedback or questions, please send it to! Thanks for listening! Special thanks to our friend Justin for our sweet new art! If you can't see it in the show feed, we need to tinker with Squarespace a bit. Please let us know if you can see it in your podcast client.

Show Notes for Episode 8
[0:00] EA and loot crates
[9:49] Budget tournament
 -Link to reddit thread
[18:56] Listener Mail: Pirate Impfinity
 -Link to deck
[22:32] Listener Mail: Beans
 -Link to Patrick's write-up
[26:41] Listener Mail: Imitater
 -Link to Patrick's write-up
[33:12] Listener Mail: Three nut
[37:50] Listener Mail: Untrickable
 -Hearthstone Developer Peter Whalen about when to keyword things
[44:24] Card of the Week: Mayflower
[46:52] Card of the Week: Figgy boy
[52:03] Card We Talk About For A While: Exploding Fruitcake
[56:10] Deck of the Week: Mike's CC deck (Taylor's note: I lost the screenshot for the deck. Oops! We'll post it soon!)

Shroom for Two Episode 7: The World Series of Jelly Beans

Hello, Heroes! Thanks for checking out the 7th episode of Shroom for Two - the only Plants vs Zombies: Heroes podcast where we reveal that Taylor doesn't know anything about sports.

This week, we renew our pledge to kiss Teleport, Medulla Nebula, and all of their Brainy ilk goodbye for a month. We also run through some pretty sweet decks - a very fun deck from a listener mail, as well as the deck that got Taylor to Ultimate rank!

If you like the show, please share it with friends! Please send us deck ideas, questions, and comments to!

Show notes for Episode 7

[0:30] No Brainy November
 - Mike's Reddit Thread
[3:10] Listener Mail: Evolution
[6:14] Listener Mail: Split Pea
[8:29] Listener Mail: Pets with Cold Noses
 - Listener Ethan's insane deck tech
 - The deck
[14:20] Card of the Week: Frankentaur
[20:10] Card of the Week: Sneezing Zombie
[25:29] Deck Tech: A pile of cards with beans in it
 - The deck
 - Taylor's final Taco win
 - The deck's sickest Brainana blowout (the Vanilla has Team-Up)

Shroom for Two Episode 6: No Brainy November

Hello, Heroes! Welcome to episode 6 of Shroom for Two, the Plants vs Zombies: Heroes podcast!

This week, Mike conscientiously objects to Rustbolt's war on fun, we answer a boatload of listener mail, and brew up a pair of budget Re-Peat Moss decks!

If you've got some listener mail for us, please send it to us at!

Show Notes for Episode 6

2:09 No Brainy November
3:55 Listener Mail: Flowers
7:10 Listener Mail: Bamboozle
9:45 Listener Mail: New player crafting
~15:00 Listener Mail: f00gers thinks we're cool
 - The decks
17:23 Listener Mail: Re-Peat Moss
 - Mike's Grass Knuckles deck
 - Taylor's Captain Combustible deck
21:26 Card of the Week: Jack o lantern
27:41 Card of the Week: Elderberry
30:01 Card of the Week: Fireweed


Shroom for Two Episode 5: More fun than a Barrel of Barrels

Hello, Heroes! Welcome to Shroom for Two Episode 5, the only Plants vs Zombies: Heroes podcast where we talk about how to beat Rustbolt.

This week, we celebrate PVZ Heroes's first birthday, go through more listener mail, highlight a pair of Colossal Fossils plant cards that we think are well-positioned right now, and Mike talks about his Brainy Haterade Rose deck!

If you're interested in writing us some listener mail, you can contact us at! Please let us know what you think of the show, and what you'd like to hear us talk about!

Show Notes for Episode 5
0:00 PVZ Heroes turns 1
 - Mark Rosewater's Blogatog post about PVZ: Heroes
 - PVZ Heroes's lead designer Devin Low
 - Interview with Devin Low
2:28 Listener Mail: Attacking the Metagame
 - Fry's Aggro Solar Flare
 - Fry's video
8:32 Listener Mail: Powerful cards
 - Taylor's Simpsons Metaphor for "Power Creep"
16:48 Listener Mail: Mushroom Decks
19:37 Zombie faction power rankings
21:10 Card of the Week: Trick or Treater
24:31 Card of the Week: Witch Hazel
27:39 Taylor's Fossil of the Week: Cro-Magnolia
30:43 Mike's Fossil of the Week: Tricorn
32:56 Deck Talk: Mike's Anti-Brainy Rose
 - The deck