Shroom for Two Episode 49: Labor Dabor

Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to another episode of Shroom for Two, laboriously crafted on its namesake day!  We recorded our episode early this week, which means two things: 

1. You get to hear it two days earlier than usual! 

2. We’re doing a mailbag this week instead of the Conjure HG breakdown. Don’t fret! You’ll see that next week on our 50th episode.

We also get down deep with Thinking Cap! Taylor takes on the laddering challenge with Thinking Cap. Next week you’ll find out about the decks he brewed with Dr. Spacetime and Zombology Teacher!

Thanks for all your interesting questions! We answer questions about formats, new card types, and more! If you’ve got any to send our way, email us at!

Show Notes for Episode 49

Homestar Runner Labor Day:

Todayborday is Labor Day:

Imp-Throwing Imp Decks:

Eliotte’s Mono-color Listener Mail:

Listener Eliotte’s Mono-color Decks:


Shroom for Two Episode 48: The Red Sox Scored 11 Runs In One Inning

Hello, Heroes! 

Welcome to another token-generating episode of Shroom for Two! We’re basically doubling up on cards of the week this time - we gave Atomic Bombergranate short shrift last time, so we’re doing it a favor and giving it some shrift-elongation surgery to start the show, now that we've actually played with the card.

Then, we have quite a bit to say about our real card of the week, Imp-Throwing Imp! We point out some differences between Imp-Throwing Imp and the rest of the Imp crowd. Then, we detail the kinds of board states the Imp-Throwing Imp-Throwing Imp crushes, and the kinds it gets crushed by. To finish the segment, we have a lengthy discussion of the Brain Freeze deck that Mike used to hit Ultimate with Imp-Throwing Imp-Throwing Imp-Throwing Imp. We also sleuth out some Space Cowboy rules interactions.

Finally, we announce our next deck data crunch - Conjure Huge-Giganticus! Please send your Conjure HG decks to! We’ll also accept Conjure Super-Brainz if you haven’t got HG.

If you’ve got any particular questions or comments about the show, you can send those our way too! You can check out all of our videos at shroomfortwopodcast on YouTube!

Show Notes for Episode 48

Extremely important link you should definitely click:

Mike’s Atomic Bombergranate Decks:

Smoke Bomb in 2018? It’s more likely than you think:

Mike Hitting 50 with Dude-Throwing-Brain Freeze

Shroom for Two Episode 47: The Cicleta-cap episode

Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to a cantripping episode of Shroom for Two! Apologies for the late posting.

This week, we break down all of the Cyclecap decks you all were so kind to provide to us! We sourced a number of decks from the Shroom for Two audience, and devoted pretty much the entire show to them! We discuss what goes in every deck, what sorts of sub-strategies exist within Cyclecap, and what creative singletons people chose to fill the gaps.

Note from Future Taylor: Past Taylor didn't leave Future Taylor enough time to get those infographics done, so those are going to have to come next time. We're still publishing the data and the totals of each card, so you can see what everybody chose to brew with. Pretty pictures will come next week!

Show Notes for Episode 47

Mike's Aerocabra Decks, plus a super sweet in-game moment with the Smash (Using the Smash's ultimate to Supernova some mushrooms and give Supernova Garg +4/+4 with Ancient Vimpire):

Cyclecap decks submitted by you guys:

Cyclecap Card-By-Card Totals:


Shroom for Two Episode 46: Rise of the Aerocabra

Hello, Heroes! Welcome to another goatlike episode of Shroom for Two! This week, we ride around on hoverboards in search of grass to eat.

Unfortunately, our hoverboards are in the shop, so instead, we discuss everybody’s favorite goat whose name sounds cooler in Spanish, the Hovergoat 3000.

We demo a new segment this week, where we blend the card of the week with a deck analysis. We’ve brewed an interesting deck featuring our pal the Aerocabra, and we’ve extended the card of the week segment to accommodate it.

We’re still looking for listener deck submissions! This week, we specifically call out Cyclecap decks and decks featuring Atomic Bombergranate. If you’ve got any of those to share, send them our way at!

Show Notes for this Episode

Our old friend HGC, Helena Geometric Carter:

Binomial Probability Calculator, that you should really be using for Bad Moon Rising and other effects that draw with replacement (like random effects where you can get duplicates):

Taylor Series - an infinitely approximation or a function:

Mike’s Aerocabra deck:


Shroom for Two Episode 45: Peas, Greens, Potatoes, Tomatoes

Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to a nutritious episode of Shroom for Two! We start this week off by issuing some hypergeometric mea culpas, having previously steered you wrong on everybody's favorite cumulative probability distribution calculator.

Next, we give one last probabilistic hurrah to our friend the HGC, when discussing our Card of the Week, Forget Me Nuts! Forget Me Nuts is best in your opening hand, so we calculate the probability of that happening when you've included 4 in your deck. We break down the subtlety of the play pattern, and generally try to goad you into getting 4x of them. You won't regret it!

Finally, we bridge the gap between our old segment Tribe Talk and our new segment, the Currently Unnamed Deck Archetype Segment. We focus on a specific powerful meta deck and talk about its moving pieces. This week, it's peas!

If you've got any feedback, send it our way at!


Shroom for Two Episode 44: The One and a Half Dollar Mailbag

Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to another sesquidenominational episode of Shroom for Two! This week, your pals open up the mailbag and answer what's on your mind!

We also discuss one of the more influential event cards, Bad Moon Rising. Our old friend the Hypergeometric Calculator shows up to break down the math behind predicting your polymorphs.

If you've got obscure mathematical prefixes to share with us, or any thoughts and opinions about PVZ Heroes, send them our way at!


Shroom for Two Episode 43: Photosynthesizer is Good and You Should Put It in Everything

Hello, Heroes! Welcome to another photosynthetic episode of Shroom for Two!

This week, Mike completes his Listener Eliotte challenge and hits ultimate with 20 different decks. Then, an old frienemy shows up in the Card of the Week segment, looking a little worse for wear. Finally, we look at the quirky deck that Mike chose to highlight from his climb, an aggro Beta Carrotina deck, featuring 4x Photosynthesizer, a card that Mike maintains is good and that you should put in every deck.

We've got another mailbag episode coming up, so be sure to keep the questions coming! Drop us a line at if you've got any questions, comments, or suggestions!

Show notes for Episode 43:

0:00: Mike's 20 rank, 20 hero challenge

6:23: Card of the Week: Clique Pea

17:18: Aggro Beta-Carrotina

31:57: Cards to turn into Heroes?


Shroom For Two Episode 42: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galactic Gardens

Hello, Heroes! 

Welcome to the next episode of Shroom for Two! This week, in honor of this being Episode 42, we’re reviewing the Galactic Gardens expansion!

First, we have some new videos to plug on our YouTube page - Mike and Taylor watched some of Mike’s recorded tournament matches and made commentary tracks! Check those out on YouTube channel shroomfortwopodcast to see our evaluation of those games. 

Next, we go into Sap Fling on the card of the week segment. We disagree about its overall power level, but agree that it’s a cool card that fills an interesting niche. 

Finally, we take a huge bite out of the Galactic Gardens set. We discuss the keywords, the Environment card type, and the cards we loved (plus one card we didn’t). 

If you’ve got commentary on Galactic Gardens, please send it to! 

Show Notes for Episode 42

0:00 YouTube Videos

4:30 Card of the Week: Sap Fling

15:08 Galactic Gardens set review



Shroom for Two Episode 41: Gavle Goat

Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to the belated 41st episode of Shroom for Two! Taylor is back from the woods; your favorite PVZ Heroes podcast duo is ready to share strategic tip and Wikipedia factoids about goats once again.

We start with Mike’s climb to Ultimate rank with his free-to-play deck. He hit rank 50 in the last few days of the season, and he’s here to talk about how he did it. He’s also got a big huge reddit thread about what he learned, and we encourage you to check that out!

Next, we double up on Card of the Week. Corn Dog and Trapper Zombie get some scrutiny and we evaluate the contexts in which they’re good. This is the best run of event cards we’ve seen for a while - solid role-players with minimal downside, that you don’t need to stress about grinding four of.

Finally, we go over the victory threads from the winner of the reddit tournament! In exchange for their sweet 50 Canadian dollars, user Danilo made a pair of extensive write-ups! We break down a pair of the decks that they used, and go over some of the strategic implications of their card choices.

We’re always looking for more listener mail! Give us a holler at!

Show Notes for Episode 41

0:00 The Gävle Goatävle_goat

1:00 Mike hits ultimate with his F2P account

10:01 Card of the Week: Corn Dog

18:49 Card of the Week: Trapper Zombie

25:25 Ociti wins the Reddit Tournament

 - Plant Thread

 - Zombie Thread

44:57 World Cup talk

 - That cool graphic


Shroom for Two Episode 40: Live Free or Mail Bag

Hello, Heroes! Welcome to another inquisitive episode about Shroom for Two. This week, we’re digging into our listener mail bag! 

First, we’re getting an update on Mike’s progress through the tournament. Then, we’re discussing a pair of Beastly event cards (Synchronized Swimmer and King of the Grill). Finally, our main segment is answering a handful of listener mails. 

If you’d like to hear your questions on the show, please write to us at! You can also find videos of Mike’s tournament games on our YouTube page, shroomfortwopodcast.

[0:00] Tournament Recap
[4:17] Card of the Week: Synchronized Swimmer
[9:09] Card of the Week: King of the Grill
[14:21] Listener Mail: Briar Rose
[20:11] Listener Mail: Valkyrie
[26:50] Listener Mail: Arena?
[36:26] Listener Mail: 1 cost gravestones
[40:43] Listener Deck: Banana Combustable
 - The email:
 - The deck:
[44:05] Listener Mail: Underrated environments
[47:50] Listener Mail: Binary Trickster
 - The email:
 - The deck: