Shroom for Two Episode 56: Electric Mailbagaloo

Hello, Heroes! 

Welcome to a much belated episode of Shroom for Two! Apologies for our technical difficulties over the last week. Mike’s electricity is working again, so we’re back on our regular schedule! 

We’re making up for lost time, though. We’ve got a pair of spooky Cards of the Week to discuss. Mike’s got a Jack o Lantern deck, and Taylor’s got a Frankentaur deck! We discuss how to maximize these fairly mediocre event cards, and what sorts of strategies can host underpowered cards that you’re trying to experiment with.

Finally, we’ve got a mailbag for you all. A few questions that have been knocking around our mailbox for a few weeks that we decided to bring out. Thanks to everybody who wrote in, and pre-emptive thanks to everybody who continues to write in at!

Show Notes for Episode 56:

Mike’s Jack o Lantern Deck:

Taylor’s Frankentaur Deck:

Listener Gabo’s Question:

Listener Gabo’s Crafting Recommendations:

Listener Fred’s Mail:

Listener Fred’s Deck:

Shroom for Two Episode 55: Buy me Valkstorm or go to Hell

Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to an unusually explicit episode of Shroom for Two! Fair warning, there’s a fair bit of profanity in this episode. Maybe Valkyrie Brainstorm brings that out in Mike and Taylor, because that’s what they talk about in the main segment. Our latest deck to be featured on Crowddecking is the current Zombie deck that everyone loves to hate, Valkstorm. We’ve got a big pile of degenerate legendaries to talk about, and we discuss it until the fat lady does a bonus attack.

Additionally, we’ve got some follow-up on Aggro Solar Flare, a look at Trick or Treater for the Card of the Week, and some more Youtube videos!

We’re gearing up for a listener mail segment, so send your questions in to! Don’t forget to check out our Youtube page, shroomfortwopodcast too! You should come hang out in our Discord too, #shroomfortwo on the PVZ Heroes server!

Show Notes for Episode 55

The Simpsons joke in the title:

The decks from Crowddecking:

Taylor’s Trick or Treater deck:

Our Youtube page:

Shroom for Two Episode 54: World of Cheapcraft

Hello, Heroes! 

Welcome to another episode of Shroom for Two, brought to you for the low, low price of 50 sparks!

This week, our main event is a revamp of our crafting recommendations. Rather than recommending super rares, legendaries, and event cards, we’re recommending uncommons and rares. We realized how much more important it is for new players to craft workhorse common cards, so we’ve got a big pile of new recommendations!

We’ve also got more of Mike’s fight club action (Keep an eye on the SFT youtube channel!) and a mini segment on aggro Solar Flare, courtesy of our card of the week: Pumpkin Boy! 

Reminder that next week is our Valkyrie Brainstorm segment, so be sure to send those decks to! 

Show Nofes for Episode 54: 

Taylor’s Aggro Solar Flare:
Mike fights Z-Mech

Shroom for Two Episode 53: 13 champ;ipnsikp[ ringzillahs

Hello, Heroes! 

Welcome to another keyboard-smashingly inane episode of Shroom for Two! This week, we receive another after-action report from Mike’s Ultimate League Fight Club (MULFiC, for short). He lays the smack down in some new YouTube videos, which you can find in the notes below! 

Next, we check out this week’s Card of the Week, Fraidy Cat! To show off it’s value and versatility, Mike brings you a pair of non-tribal Fraidy Cat Smash decks (PONTriFraCS, for short). He also highlights a Captain Combustible deck he’s been laddering with. 

Finally, we take a look at all of your Ringzilla decks! We make a table of everyone’s deck, and chat about them during one of our patented dual-cohost, data-driven, crowd-compiled, variance-verifying, combo-clarifying, deck-differentiating Crowddecking segments (DCDDCCVVCCDDCD, for short).

If you’d like to share any overwrought acronyms and/or questions with us, drop us a line at! You can find us in the PvZ Heroes discord channel as well - the invite link is - come hang out in the #ShroomForTwo channel!

Show Notes for Episode 53: 

Mike explaining the joke in the title:

Mike explaining the joke in the opening audio clip:

Mike’s Fraidy Cat decks:

Ringzilla decks:

Shroom for Two Episode 52: Tomato Jam 2

Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to another lycopene-rich episode of Shroom for Two!

This week, Mike discusses his recent invitation to the Card Game Illuminati! He’s joined a super secret PVZ Heroes Fight Club (with the exception that he can talk about it), and he’s back with his first dispatch. Check out our YouTube page for his recent Beta-Carrotina vs Immorticia adventure. Fight number 4 is a real doozy - it’s in the show notes below!

Next, we discuss the Card of the Week, Ketchup Mechanic! Since we’re doing decks for that segment nowadays, Taylor revisits his Rose Mixed Nuts deck from the last battle episode. He cut the Go Nuts for some more proactive 3-drops and likes the results he’s left with!

Finally, we take a brief dip into the mailbag. If you want to send us some listener mail, please send it our way at!

Show Notes for Episode 52

Mike (BC) vs IgmaRockers (Immorticia) game 4. It’s a real wing-dinger!

Taylor’s Mixed Nuts Rose, featuring Ketchup Mechanic:

Listener Austin’s Terrify deck from the mailbag:

Shroom for Two Episode 51: Pirates vs Cheerleaders

Hello, Heroes!

Come on and slam, and welcome to another episode of Shroom for Two! This week, we duke it out on YouTube in a battle of Cards of the Week!

Mike and Taylor both made two Go Nuts decks and two Flameface decks, and played a best of 5 on the shroomfortwopodcast channel! Will Taylor finally break out of his losing streak? Find out below!

If you have any thoughts about Go Nuts, Captain Flameface, Space Jam, or Homestar Runner, please send them our way at

Show Notes for Episode 51

Episode 51 battle playlist:

Mike’s battle decks:

Taylor’s battle decks:

Taylor’s favorite song from Space Jam. He writes the show notes and can get away with this kind of thing.

Shroom for Two Episode 50: Crowddecking

Hello, Heroes! 

Welcome to our anniversary episode of Shroom for Two! We’ve been bringing you this show, weekly-ish, for a whole year! It’s been quite a wild ride, and we’re super thankful to you all for having been on it with us!

So grateful, in fact, that we’ve got a special announcement! We’re proud to announce the existence of a #shroomfortwo channel in the PVZ Heroes Discord! Hop on over there and say hello! 

On the actual show this week, we see the results of Taylor’s brewing with Thinking Cap, and the breadth of y’all’s Conjure HG decks! 

 Show notes for Episode 50

Decks from this episode:

Decks from the Conjure HG segment:

PVZ Heroes Discord. Come find us in #ShroomForTwo:

Shroom for Two Episode 49: Labor Dabor

Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to another episode of Shroom for Two, laboriously crafted on its namesake day!  We recorded our episode early this week, which means two things: 

1. You get to hear it two days earlier than usual! 

2. We’re doing a mailbag this week instead of the Conjure HG breakdown. Don’t fret! You’ll see that next week on our 50th episode.

We also get down deep with Thinking Cap! Taylor takes on the laddering challenge with Thinking Cap. Next week you’ll find out about the decks he brewed with Dr. Spacetime and Zombology Teacher!

Thanks for all your interesting questions! We answer questions about formats, new card types, and more! If you’ve got any to send our way, email us at!

Show Notes for Episode 49

Homestar Runner Labor Day:

Todayborday is Labor Day:

Imp-Throwing Imp Decks:

Eliotte’s Mono-color Listener Mail:

Listener Eliotte’s Mono-color Decks:


Shroom for Two Episode 48: The Red Sox Scored 11 Runs In One Inning

Hello, Heroes! 

Welcome to another token-generating episode of Shroom for Two! We’re basically doubling up on cards of the week this time - we gave Atomic Bombergranate short shrift last time, so we’re doing it a favor and giving it some shrift-elongation surgery to start the show, now that we've actually played with the card.

Then, we have quite a bit to say about our real card of the week, Imp-Throwing Imp! We point out some differences between Imp-Throwing Imp and the rest of the Imp crowd. Then, we detail the kinds of board states the Imp-Throwing Imp-Throwing Imp crushes, and the kinds it gets crushed by. To finish the segment, we have a lengthy discussion of the Brain Freeze deck that Mike used to hit Ultimate with Imp-Throwing Imp-Throwing Imp-Throwing Imp. We also sleuth out some Space Cowboy rules interactions.

Finally, we announce our next deck data crunch - Conjure Huge-Giganticus! Please send your Conjure HG decks to! We’ll also accept Conjure Super-Brainz if you haven’t got HG.

If you’ve got any particular questions or comments about the show, you can send those our way too! You can check out all of our videos at shroomfortwopodcast on YouTube!

Show Notes for Episode 48

Extremely important link you should definitely click:

Mike’s Atomic Bombergranate Decks:

Smoke Bomb in 2018? It’s more likely than you think:

Mike Hitting 50 with Dude-Throwing-Brain Freeze

Shroom for Two Episode 47: The Cicleta-cap episode

Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to a cantripping episode of Shroom for Two! Apologies for the late posting.

This week, we break down all of the Cyclecap decks you all were so kind to provide to us! We sourced a number of decks from the Shroom for Two audience, and devoted pretty much the entire show to them! We discuss what goes in every deck, what sorts of sub-strategies exist within Cyclecap, and what creative singletons people chose to fill the gaps.

Note from Future Taylor: Past Taylor didn't leave Future Taylor enough time to get those infographics done, so those are going to have to come next time. We're still publishing the data and the totals of each card, so you can see what everybody chose to brew with. Pretty pictures will come next week!

Show Notes for Episode 47

Mike's Aerocabra Decks, plus a super sweet in-game moment with the Smash (Using the Smash's ultimate to Supernova some mushrooms and give Supernova Garg +4/+4 with Ancient Vimpire):

Cyclecap decks submitted by you guys:

Cyclecap Card-By-Card Totals: