Shroom for Two Episode 4: Everybody Walk the Dinosaur

Hello, heroes! Set 3 is here! To celebrate, we've recorded a jam-packed double-length episode of Shroom for Two, all about Colossal Fossils!

This week, we answer some listener mail, run down the nerfs and buffs to existing cards, then launch into a discussion of the new cards and mechanics in Colossal Fossils. We talk about what we like, what we don't like, and what we think the game will look like when the meta reshapes around our new dino overlords.

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Show segments:

00:42 Listener mail
10:48 Existing card changes
21:42 New Mechanic: Evolution
27:39 New Mechanic: Dino Roar
30:12 New Mechanic: Untrickable
37:41 Card of the Week: Zomblob
42:42 Card of the Week: Quickdraw Con-Man
48:38 Deck Talk: Mike's Beta-Carrotina Deck

Show notes for episode 4:
Other game mechanics Taylor mentioned:
    Storm (from Magic)
    Combo (from Hearthstone)
    Evolution (from Pokemon)
Mike's Beta-Carrotina Deck