Shroom for Two Episode 5: More fun than a Barrel of Barrels

Hello, Heroes! Welcome to Shroom for Two Episode 5, the only Plants vs Zombies: Heroes podcast where we talk about how to beat Rustbolt.

This week, we celebrate PVZ Heroes's first birthday, go through more listener mail, highlight a pair of Colossal Fossils plant cards that we think are well-positioned right now, and Mike talks about his Brainy Haterade Rose deck!

If you're interested in writing us some listener mail, you can contact us at! Please let us know what you think of the show, and what you'd like to hear us talk about!

Show Notes for Episode 5
0:00 PVZ Heroes turns 1
 - Mark Rosewater's Blogatog post about PVZ: Heroes
 - PVZ Heroes's lead designer Devin Low
 - Interview with Devin Low
2:28 Listener Mail: Attacking the Metagame
 - Fry's Aggro Solar Flare
 - Fry's video
8:32 Listener Mail: Powerful cards
 - Taylor's Simpsons Metaphor for "Power Creep"
16:48 Listener Mail: Mushroom Decks
19:37 Zombie faction power rankings
21:10 Card of the Week: Trick or Treater
24:31 Card of the Week: Witch Hazel
27:39 Taylor's Fossil of the Week: Cro-Magnolia
30:43 Mike's Fossil of the Week: Tricorn
32:56 Deck Talk: Mike's Anti-Brainy Rose
 - The deck