Shroom for Two Episode 3: ...but not set 3

Hello, heroes! Thanks for listening to the newest episode of Shroom for Two, the only podcast about how Colossal Fossils didn't come out when everyone said it would.

This week, we have our first listener mail segment! (Special thanks to listener Patrick for taking the time to write us at!) Then, Mike discusses what it's like to get 5th copies of legendary cards while driving his solid gold rocket car. After that, we discuss our Card of the Week, and Taylor goes nuts about Go-Nuts.

We're still figuring out how what we'd like this show to be, so please let us know what you want to hear! Email us, or post comments in the corresponding thread on the PVZ Heroes reddit,!

Show Notes for Episode 3:

  • Listener mail segment [1:45]
  • Dupe legendaries and rarity shifts [6:30]
  • Card of the Week: Fraidy Cat [9:09]
  • Deck Talk: Taylor's Green Beans [15:42]