Shroom for Two Episode 8: Shroom for Too Much Mail

Hello, Heroes! Thanks for listening to Shroom for Two episode 8! We took a week off while Taylor was traveling for work, but we're back! Our cup runneth over with listener mail, so we haven't answered every single one yet. If you don't hear your question, though, don't be discouraged! We'll get to it next week.

This week, besides the boatload of listener mail, we talk cryptically about the tournament Mike and I have entered! Will we scrub out like lame noobs, or will we crush everyone and meet in the finals like Goku and Vegeta? We don't know!

If you've got feedback or questions, please send it to! Thanks for listening! Special thanks to our friend Justin for our sweet new art! If you can't see it in the show feed, we need to tinker with Squarespace a bit. Please let us know if you can see it in your podcast client.

Show Notes for Episode 8
[0:00] EA and loot crates
[9:49] Budget tournament
 -Link to reddit thread
[18:56] Listener Mail: Pirate Impfinity
 -Link to deck
[22:32] Listener Mail: Beans
 -Link to Patrick's write-up
[26:41] Listener Mail: Imitater
 -Link to Patrick's write-up
[33:12] Listener Mail: Three nut
[37:50] Listener Mail: Untrickable
 -Hearthstone Developer Peter Whalen about when to keyword things
[44:24] Card of the Week: Mayflower
[46:52] Card of the Week: Figgy boy
[52:03] Card We Talk About For A While: Exploding Fruitcake
[56:10] Deck of the Week: Mike's CC deck (Taylor's note: I lost the screenshot for the deck. Oops! We'll post it soon!)