Shroom for Two Episode 7: The World Series of Jelly Beans

Hello, Heroes! Thanks for checking out the 7th episode of Shroom for Two - the only Plants vs Zombies: Heroes podcast where we reveal that Taylor doesn't know anything about sports.

This week, we renew our pledge to kiss Teleport, Medulla Nebula, and all of their Brainy ilk goodbye for a month. We also run through some pretty sweet decks - a very fun deck from a listener mail, as well as the deck that got Taylor to Ultimate rank!

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Show notes for Episode 7

[0:30] No Brainy November
 - Mike's Reddit Thread
[3:10] Listener Mail: Evolution
[6:14] Listener Mail: Split Pea
[8:29] Listener Mail: Pets with Cold Noses
 - Listener Ethan's insane deck tech
 - The deck
[14:20] Card of the Week: Frankentaur
[20:10] Card of the Week: Sneezing Zombie
[25:29] Deck Tech: A pile of cards with beans in it
 - The deck
 - Taylor's final Taco win
 - The deck's sickest Brainana blowout (the Vanilla has Team-Up)