Shroom for Two Episode 12: Battle Royale with Cheese

Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to a very special episode of Shroom for Two! This week, Mike and I play against each other in the Budget Constructed tournament we have been talking about so much. Rather than do all of our normal segments, recorded a bunch of matches and posted them on Youtube!

Here's how it works - the first segment of the show is a preamble for the five matches. Then, there's an interlude, during which you're supposed to pause the show and watch the matches. Then, the last segment was recorded after we finished the matches.

Needless to say, the last segment contains spoilers for the matches themselves, so please watch them before you listen to the show!

Show Notes for Episode 12

[0:00] Preamble, before we played the matches

Youtube playlist for our matches! Editor's note: For the final match, Mike lost his video file, so the footage is from Taylor's perspective.

[3:45] Post-amble, after we played the matches. Watch the matches before you listen to this part!