Shroom for Two Episode 10: Hyperzombometric Calculator

Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to episode 10 of Shroom for Two, the PVZ Heroes podcast where we finally break our moratorium on Set 4 spoilers!

This week, we run through some leaked legendary cards in the upcoming expansion, and run through a lightning round of listener mail! If you've got any questions or comments you'd like to send us, please write to us at!

Show Notes for Shroom for Two Episode 10
[2:03] Leaked set 4 legends
[15:17] Listener mail: Mixed-Up Gravedigger
[20:38] Listener mail: Control Nightcap
 - Link
[28:00] Lightning Round: Wing Nut
[30:04] Lightning Round: Astrovera
 - Reno Jackson
[31:41] Lightning Round: Bodygourd
[34:36] Lightning Round: Binary Stars
[37:08] Lightning Round: Astrocado
[40:53] Even More About Gatling pea

Hypergeometric Calculator
 - Link
 - Video (It's about Magic but the concept is the same)