Shroom for Two Episode 11: Yes Brainy Yecember

Hi, Heroes!

Welcome to episode 11 of Shroom For Two, the only PVZ Heroes podcast with a new segment called Class Warfare!

This week, we preview some potential changes to existing cards for set 4, zap through some listener mail, and talk at length about Brainy cards and why everybody loses to them all the time! If you've got any listener mail for us, please send it to!

Show Notes for Episode 11

[0:00]: Ladder reset and Set 4 Spoilers
 - Set 4 spoilers
 - Joke MTG set Unstable that Taylor will be playing this weekend
[6:07]: Mike's crazy game story
 - They're dead
[8:40]: Listener Eliotte's Gatling Pea Write-up
 - The pastebin
[9:22]: Listener Yusen's budget decks
 - The decks
[12:14]: Lightning Round: Tankylosarus
[14:30]: Lightning Round: Shieldcrusher Viking
[16:35]: Lightning Round: Wannabe Hero
[19:13]: Card of the Week: Pear Cub
[22:04]: Class Warfare: Brainy
 - Color pie
 - Magic's version of Kitchen Sink Zombie
[43:50]: Funny joke