Shroom for Two Episode 2: Does Ketchup Cut the Mustard?

Hello, heroes! Thanks for downloading the next episode of Shroom for Two! We’ve heard your feedback and are now coming to you in glorious split-channel mono, for all your binaurally-homogenous listening needs! Also, Taylor gave up the echo chamber of his living room for the cozy confines of his linen closet. We hope this one sounds much better!

On this episode, we run down the three event cards we’ve seen since last week, Taylor rips off Limited Resources to talk about Quadrant Theory, and Mike takes his budget sports deck all the way to the championship!

Finally, we’ve got two new ways to give us listener feedback! We’re on twitter @shroomfortwopod, and we’ve got an email account set up too. Send us questions, comments, and suggestions at!

Show Notes for Episode 2: