Shroom for Two Episode 14: New Year, New Mime

Happy New Year, heroes! Welcome to a very mimey mailbag episode of Shroom for Two! (Apologies for the delay in posting the show.)

This week, we spool out a bunch of listener mail, highlight some Reddit threads we liked, and talk about a Mime Gargantuar deck we brewed up! We're out of listener mail, so please send us some card questions, deck ideas, or strategy tips to!

Show Notes for Episode 14:

[2:41] Lightning Round: Extinction Event
[4:50] Lightning Round: Bounty Hunter
[6:48] Lightning Round: Sonic Bloom
[10:30] Listener Mail: Gatling Pea
 - Listener Eliotte's deck
 - Listener Eliotte's email
[13:22] Galactic Gardens is pretty busted
[15:47] 25 tips for PVZ Heroes
[20:31] Card of the Week: Regifting Zombie
 - Spoiler: It's really good
[25:02] Deck of the Week: She Blinded me with Silence
 - The thread where Taylor got the idea
 - The deck