Shroom for Two Episode 17: Drafty Birthday

Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to a special birthday edition of Shroom for Two! This week, we're teeing up the next special battle episode. We do some of our normal show stuff, and draft deck archetypes for the next battle!

We're still building up our bucket of listener mail and deck ideas, so by all means send us more to! We've also started getting ratings on iTunes, so please do those too!

Show Notes for Episode 17
[0:00] Preamble
 - The con Taylor was at instead of getting out of Gold league
 - The game where Mike and Taylor met each other
[5:40] Card of the Week: Energy Drink Zombie
[12:23] Drafty Birthday
 - Our draft options
[31:45] Stinger
 - Pardon my Take
 - Russian vending machine sells Instagram likes