Shroom for Two Episode 55: Buy me Valkstorm or go to Hell

Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to an unusually explicit episode of Shroom for Two! Fair warning, there’s a fair bit of profanity in this episode. Maybe Valkyrie Brainstorm brings that out in Mike and Taylor, because that’s what they talk about in the main segment. Our latest deck to be featured on Crowddecking is the current Zombie deck that everyone loves to hate, Valkstorm. We’ve got a big pile of degenerate legendaries to talk about, and we discuss it until the fat lady does a bonus attack.

Additionally, we’ve got some follow-up on Aggro Solar Flare, a look at Trick or Treater for the Card of the Week, and some more Youtube videos!

We’re gearing up for a listener mail segment, so send your questions in to! Don’t forget to check out our Youtube page, shroomfortwopodcast too! You should come hang out in our Discord too, #shroomfortwo on the PVZ Heroes server!

Show Notes for Episode 55

The Simpsons joke in the title:

The decks from Crowddecking:

Taylor’s Trick or Treater deck:

Our Youtube page: