Shroom for Two Episode 58: The Continue Bracket

Hello, Heroes! 

Welcome to a very competitive episode of Shroom for Two! This week, we’re starting with some follow-up from our Pecanolith OTK segment. We only covered the first half of listener Sushi’s post, so we round out the coverage of the non-Guardian choices for those decks.

Next, Mike pinch hits for Taylor during Card of the Week. It was Taylor’s turn to do the deck, but he disenchanted all of his Mayflowers, so he couldn’t build one! Mike showed up with a very interesting Bog of Enlightenment deck, and we think you’ll dig it!

Finally, we go over our first few rounds of the Reddit tournament. Taylor and Mike are both in what we affectionately call the Continue Bracket. We discuss what we played, what we should have played, and what our opponents brought to the table. 

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Show Notes For Episode 58

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Pecanolith OTK:’s Mayflower) 

Taylor’s First Round Opponent, RhubarbPie’s decks