Shroom for Two Episode 56: Electric Mailbagaloo

Hello, Heroes! 

Welcome to a much belated episode of Shroom for Two! Apologies for our technical difficulties over the last week. Mike’s electricity is working again, so we’re back on our regular schedule! 

We’re making up for lost time, though. We’ve got a pair of spooky Cards of the Week to discuss. Mike’s got a Jack o Lantern deck, and Taylor’s got a Frankentaur deck! We discuss how to maximize these fairly mediocre event cards, and what sorts of strategies can host underpowered cards that you’re trying to experiment with.

Finally, we’ve got a mailbag for you all. A few questions that have been knocking around our mailbox for a few weeks that we decided to bring out. Thanks to everybody who wrote in, and pre-emptive thanks to everybody who continues to write in at!

Show Notes for Episode 56:

Mike’s Jack o Lantern Deck:

Taylor’s Frankentaur Deck:

Listener Gabo’s Question:

Listener Gabo’s Crafting Recommendations:

Listener Fred’s Mail:

Listener Fred’s Deck: