Shroom for Two Episode 59: Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

Hello, Heroes! 

Come turn and face the strange on another episode of Shroom for Two! This week, we’re overjoyed to report on another data-mined balance patch that hit the reddit last week. Tons of juicy meta-shaping details to be had, so don’t miss it! 

We blow off Card of the Week this week (sorry, Overstuffed Zombie), to spend some extra time on the balance patch. Pretty much all the boogeymen are in the crosshairs this time: Briar Rose, Planet of the Grapes, Valkyrie, and the three best Berry creatures are all getting nerfed. A few big buffs as well: Neutron Imp, Bog of Enlightenment, Marine Bean, and a few others are all getting a pretty substantial leg up. What will happen? Who knows!

Finally, we give our most recent tournament reports. Taylor got knocked out by double-barreled dream-crusher Extra, and Mike advances one step further in the second chance bracket. 

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Show Notes for Episode 59:

The card changes:

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