Shroom for Two Episode 57: Butt to Butt Combat

Hello, Heroes!

Welcome another episode of Shroom for Two, that is nowhere near as scatological as the title suggests!

This week, we begin the show by plugging the third Reddit PVZ Heroes tournament! The deets are in Discord, as is the sign up link, so head on over to #tournament-rules to find the info!

We also discuss the launch of our new Shroom for Two tip jar! We haven’t had a means for listeners to give us money yet, and we’ve received one or two questions to that effect. Click the “Tip Jar” link in the top menu of our website, or in these show notes, to get transported to our Square Cash site! Thank you for your support!

Our card of the week is Sneezing Zombie, a Beastly powerhouse metagame call that you all should grab. Mike’s deck of the week highlights an oft-overlooked quality of Sneezing Zombie, its high evolvability! Take advantage of its high cost and low stats by hitting it with an Evolutionary Leap and turning it into a 5 drop!

Finally, our main segment is about a sweet deck write-up about a Pecanolith OTK package by listener Sushi. It runs some pretty wacky cards, like Red Stinger, and it’s a ton of fun to play! Check out their write-up in the show notes, and give the deck a whirl yourself.

If you’ve got listener mail for us, send it over to! Don’t forget to check out our youtube page at “shroomfortwopodcast”. And if the fancy strikes you, please send us a donation to our tip jar! Thanks everybody, see you next week!

Show Notes for Episode 57

The Shroom for Two Tip Jar:$ShroomForTwo

The Pecanolith Burst Package, by listener Sushi:

Mike’s Deck of the Week:

Mike Living the Pecanolith Dream (Youtube):