Shroom for Two Episode 61: Smarty Smash Brothers

Hello, Heroes! 

Welcome to another ultimate episode of Shroom for Two. This week, we sink our teeth into an interesting twist on aggro decks, with a full treatment of Smarty aggro decks. 

We go over Justini’s big write-up of the archetype a few weeks ago, and we look at the aggro Rose deck that Mike took to the tournament and the Fight Club.  Various other builds are discussed; including Beta Carrotina and Green Shadow.

Our next crowddecking segment will be Gravestone Neptuna, so be sure to send us your decklists to! You can also find us in the PVZ Heroes Discord server, in the #shroomfortwo channel.  Don’t forget to check out our videos on YouTube at shroomfortwopodcast!

Show Notes for Episode 61: 

Mike’a Aggro Smarty decks:


Justini’s Aggro Smarty post:

PVZ Heroes Discord: