Shroom for Two Episode 62 - Draftsmas Eve

Hello, Heroes! Welcome to another draftacular episode of Shroom for Two! 

This week, we’re ramping up for our special holiday battle episode. We liked the idea of drafting decks in our previous battle episodes, so we’re sticking with that. 

We’ve got some additional restrictions on the deckbuilding this time that should ensure some creative and different decks. You’ll have to listen to find out what they are and what we picked! 

We hope you’re having a happy holiday season. Stay tuned for our next battle episode next week! And keep an eye on our Youtube page at ShroomForTwoPodcast. Mike’s got some plans…

Show notes for Episode 62

Mike’s fantasy team:

Justini’s Tournament Stats:

Justini’s class dupe stats (multiply each percentage by 2 since they’re expressed out of 50):

Plant deck list

Berry spudow


Aggro rose 

Bean Shadow


Heal knight

Tempo Grass Knuckles 

Bonus Attack CC 

Aggro SF 

3 Nut Citron/BC 


Zombie deck list

Conjure HG/SB 

Sports smash 

Hunting grounds immorticia 


Pirate impfinity 

Dance boog 

Gargologist Zmech 

Gravestone nep

Science RB

Pet Brain Freeze