Shroom for Two Episode 60: A Proper Berry-al

Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to another jamtastic episode of Shroom for Two! This week, we finally get our hands around a Berry Spudow segment, just in time for it to get nerfed. Come listen to us discuss the listeners’ decklists, and the substrata within them! You’ll hear us talk about how to beat the deck, what makes the cut, and what doesn’t.

Also, you’ll hear us do a very silly Card of the Week segment, wherein Mike slams on the “Complete my deck for me” button with 4x Pear Cub, just to see what happens. A surprisingly passable deck results!

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Show Notes for Episode 60

Shroom for Two tip jar. No account needed!$ShroomForTwo

Weird Al in UHF talking about Looney Toons:

Mike’s autofill Pear Cub deck:

Straw poll for what zombie deck we should crowddeck next:

Mike’s Aggro Rose decklist:

Mike playing his Aggro Rose deck:

Berry Spudow decklists: