Shroom for Two Episode 21: Sunday Funday

Hello, Heroes! 

Welcome to another suntacular episode of Shroom for Two. This week, we do a spate of listener mail from a handful of our loyal listeners. Then, we break down some of our newest additions in Triassic Triumph. Finally, all the bonkers Solar cards that Mike used to smack Taylor around in the Refightening get some time in the sun.

If you're out there listening, please drop us a line at! Listener mail is great, but knowing our audience is out there is great too. See you on the ladder!

Show Notes for Episode 21
[0:00] Loveable friendly banter
 - Salon dot com punishes ad blockers by mining cryptocurrency
[6:38] Listener Mail: Pre-Triassic Citron
 - The Deck
[11:27] Listener Mail: Solar Flare Aggro anti-Aggro
 - The Deck
[15:38] Listener Mail: Disco dance floor & other changes
[19:15] Listener Mail: Brainstorm Valk Talk
 - SuraF's thread
[22:23] Chum Champion And So On
[23:44] Listener Mail: Citron 3-Nut Coolness
 - The Deck
[28:09] Card of the Week: Stupid Cupid
 - Flametongue Kavu
[29:44] Triumph of the Week: Sunstrike
[32:51] Triumph of the Week: Strawberrian
[38:24] Class Warfare: Solar