Shroom for Two Episode 19: I Mustache You a Question

Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to a triassicly triumphant episode of Shroom for Two. Our prayers for Set 4 have been answered. This week, your hosts are swimming around in Hollow Earth looking for new combos.

We begin with a breakdown of the new Fusion mechanic, follow into a discussion of the existing card changes, and then dive into new Set 4 cards!

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Timestamps for Episode 19

[3:13] New Mechanic: Fusion
 - Note: Yes, fusion triggers happen before "When played" triggers on creatures.
[15:06] Existing Card Changes
[30:42] Regular Card of the Week: Defensive End
[32:57] Triassic Card of the Week: Pumpkin Shell
[35:15] Triassic Card of the Week: Hunting Grounds
[40:01] What have we been seeing on the ladder?
 - Hint: Mustaches
 - Also: A message from Future Mike
[54:39] Zombot Dino and Miscellany
 - Funny giant sprites
 - More funny giant sprites
 - Even more funny giant sprites