Shroom for Two Episode 22: Double Decker

Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to a decktacular episode of Shroom for Two! This week, we're forgoing the regular structure of highlighting single cards from Triassic Triumph; we each had a deck we really liked, so we're doing two decks!

Be sure to listen all the way to the end, to hear us trip over closing the show so much, someone calls the podcast police!

Drop us a line! Send us some listener mail to! We'd love deck ideas, card critiques, and show feedback!

[0:45] Mike Opens Legendaries: Cornucopia
[2:30] Cash Shop Musings
[4:45] Mike Opens Legendaries: Apotatosaurus
[6:36] Card of the Week: Sportacus
[11:05] Taylor's deck: Rotobaga Citron
 - The deck
[17:23] Mike's Deck: Headhunter Brainstorm
 - The deck
[30:59] Impromptu Unrecorded Battle
[34:10] Show closer, attempts 1-4
[35:23] Stinger