Shroom for Two Episode 25: Paris Hilton's Deathbed VR Puzzle Hunt

Hello, Heroes! Welcome to an episode of Shroom for Two with a title so weird, we forgot to read it!

This week, we ponder the mechanical implementation of Three Nut and why it makes weird things happen. Then, through some listener mail, pondering a collection of decks from metas past, and the implications of releasing a set in two batches. Then, we check out SuraF and Justini's awesome graphics, wherein they ponder the relative power of various event cards. Finally, Mike asks you to ponder which block meter shenanigans generate the most feelbads.

Stick around after the show, where we ponder why Ready Player One looks so lame. 

[0:00] Ready Player Paris Hilton
[1:30] Three Nut's weird rules (and maybe a bug)
[6:00] Puzzles and stuff
 - Taylor won't shut up about Magic: Emblems(
[10:45] Listener Mail: A whole bunch of decks
 - The decks (
[20:16] Listener Mail: Combos split between set 3 and 4
 - The email (
[28:24] Plucky Clover plus Event Card Rankings
 - Plant cards (
 - Zombie cards (
[42:52] Good use of polling
 - Which feels worse? (
[48:50] Stinger: We bust on Ready Player One some more [PG-13]