Shroom for Two Episode 23: Peas to Meet You

Hello, Heroes! Welcome to a wholesome, green episode of Shroom for Two!

This week, we open with a discussion about not playing OTK Valkyrie makes you a cool kid. Don't you want to be cool?

Then, we answer some listener mail from listeners who were cool enough to send their questions in to Don't you want us to answer your questions?

Then, we discuss Bonus Track Buckethead, and how that Smash deck from f00gers absolutely destroys every deck Taylor plays on the ladder. Don't you want to beat Taylor on the ladder?

Finally, we talk about peas. All children love peas, as do Green Shadow and her ally Mike. Don't you want to be like them?

Tune in next week, for the return of Class Warfare!

[1:00] Deck tracking and whatnot
 - Tempostorm meta snapshots (from Hearthstone)
 - NetrunnerDB (netdecking tool from Netrunner)
[6:17] Listener Mail: Beta Carrotina
 - Mike's Shooting Starfruit deck
[12:29] Listener Mail: F2P Dinobot
 - The deck
[19:18] Bonus Track Buckethead
 - f00gers deck
[26:31] Wholesome Green Shadow
 - The deck
[39:59] Stinger (PG-13)
 - Orson Welles on Frozen Peas
 - Parody of Orson Welles on Frozen Peas