Shroom for Two Episode 27: The One Where We Sell Out

Hello, Heroes! Welcome to a fun and funny episode of Shroom for Two. This week, we discuss a few of those rumored nerfs/buffs. Mike's 6 copies of Valkyrie are crying as nerfs appear to be coming for most parts of that OTK Valkyrie deck except Valkyrie.

Then, we discuss the card of the week, Spyris. We disagree about how good Spyris is, but we're both of the opinion that it's a good card that you should be playing.

We end the show with Mike discussing his new ladder project! He'll be keeping data about his match wins and opponents, see how his decks put up numbers, and see what the different substrata of the ladder look like!

If you've got feedback for us or our new friends, please send them to!

[4:09] Unofficial card changes
 - The thread containing the info (
[9:35] Card of the Week: Spyris
[18:19] Ladder Talk
[27:20] Stinger