Shroom for Two Episode 29: The Remailbaggening

Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to another episode of Shroom for Two! This week, it's a listener mailstravaganza, where we answer a bunch of questions sent in by you!

We got so many deck submissions that we'll be dealing with those separately. Next episode will be the listener deckstravaganza! This time, you'll hear us discuss cards you like, cards you don't like, and a few cheap shots at Mark Zuckerberg.

If you've got any questions, comments, decks, or feedback, please send them to us at!

Show Notes for Episode 29

[4:57] Card of the Week: Snake Grass
[13:00] Mailbag
 - Gabo's email. Check out the topic ideas and tell us what you think!
[17:34] Listener Mail: Red Stinger
[21:38] Listener Mail: Chomper
[25:36] Listener Mail: Podfighter
[30:14] Listener Mail: Synchronized Swimmer
[32:49] Listener Mail: Rarity changes
[35:55] Listener Mail: Why is Mike in love with Neptuna?
 - Hearthstone Mechanic: Secrets
[40:16] Listener Mail: Tokens
[44:19] Listener Mail: More on Bad Cards
 - Various buff suggestions