Shroom for Two Episode 31: The Decktacular

Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to another battle episode of Shroom for Two! This is our third series of recorded matches on Shroom for Two. This time, Mike and Taylor battled each other with a set of listener-submitted decks from the last episode!

As is usual for these recorded match episodes, there's a brief pre-show, after which you should pause the show and watch the matches on YouTube. Then, restart the show for the post-game wrap-up.

We skipped talking about Health Nut this week, even though it's great, to make room for the games. You should get them, though, and we'll talk about all the reasons why next week.

FYI, towards the end of the show, Taylor's computer decided to install a bunch of updates, and he falls off the internet. No fear, he'll be back next week, and Mike closes the show without busting on Taylor too much.

If you've got any feedback or listener mail, please send it to! We're also shroomfortwopodcast on YouTube. Don't forget to jackhammer those Like and Subscribe buttons.

Show notes for Episode 31

Decktacular YouTube playlist

Mike's Decks

Taylor's Decks