Shroom for Two Episode 33: In Memoriam of Mustache Monument

Hello, Heroes! 

Welcome to a patchtastic episode of Shroom for Two! Apologies for the late posting.

This week, Mike and Taylor go over all the card changes! We highlight a few changes that we think will make a big impact. Mike and Taylor disagree about how big the Marine Bean change will be. Send us your thoughts about whether Marine Beans will start showing up in bean decks!

Then, we discuss this week’s card of the week - Garlic! Mike and Taylor also disagree about how good Garlic is. Taylor thinks it’s a must-have auto-include for every guardian deck, but that might just be because he loves Rotobaga and Pecanolith so much. Mike is more lukewarm on Garlic, but sees its potential.

Finally, Mike pulls up in his solid gold rocket car and tells Huge-Giganticus to get in, loser, we’re going shopping for ladder points. We discuss how Excavator Zombie is spicy HG technology, and ponder what the effects of the Mustache Monument nerf will be on Shieldcrusher Viking.

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Show Notes for Episode 33: 

Full list of card changes:

Mike’s HG deck:


[0:00] Card Changes

[25:09] Card of the Week: Garlic

[30:15] Mike’s HG Deck