Shroom for Two Episode 35: Imposter Syndrome

Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to episode 35 of Shroom for Two! This week, we begin with some debate over the rollout of the balance patch. First it was delayed, then it goofed the daily challenge, then we got a free booster pack. Taylor and Mike are differing levels of mad about the whole thing. Towards the end, we discuss a few decks that we've been working on. Taylor's back on the Mime Gargantuar kick, this time with Immorticia!

Next, we discuss Impfinity's favorite Card of the Week, Imposter! This little guy is 10 lbs of card advantage in a 5 lb bag, and we break down why exactly this 1-cost 2/1 is an aggro deck's dream come true.

Finally, we take a big bite of Savage Spinach! Mike's been hard at work brewing with each of the Mega-Grow heroes. We discuss how all-in Savage Spinach wants you to go, and which heroes have the best support structure for making that happen.

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Show notes for Episode 35

Mike and Taylor's handful of decks: