Shroom for Two Episode 36: The Free-to-Play Episode

Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to a freely playable episode of Shroom for Two. Mike's free-to-play account has begun to bear fruit, and we have an extensive talk about how it's going so far,

Before that, we answer a handful of listener mails. We take a look at the basic set, have some follow-up about Secret Agent, and discuss freeze decks.

Before that, we discuss the card of the week: Sun Shroom. It's a little clunky compared to flower-based ramp mechanisms, but it's got some advantages.

Before that, we talk a bit about the Reddit tournament, and make a funny joke.

If you'd like to see our videos from the tournament, check out our YouTube channel at shroomfortwopodcast! We're also accepting listener mail at!

[0:00] Reddit Tournament
 - Joke:
[7:18] Card of the Week: Sun Shroom
[17:20] Listener Mail: Basic cards
[19:39] Listener Mail: Follow up on Goat/Swimmer
 - From listener Patrick:
 - Fry's Secret Agent/Goat deck
[24:40] Listener Mail: Freeze decks
 - Listener Ethan's Deck:
 - Listener Ethan's Mail:
[33:59] F2P Talk
 - Mike's F2P gallery: