Shroom for Two Episode 38: A Bridge Too Garg

Hello, Heroes! 

Welcome to another smashing episode of Shroom for Two! This week, surprising nobody, Mike continues into the top 8 of the second Reddit tournament. Will he take his super secret technology all the way to the Canadian bank? We’re on the edge of our American seats!

Meanwhile, Taylor’s been experimenting with a combo deck by redditor WiFi-Brain! We discussed Pod Fighter a few weeks ago, and WiFi-Brain publishes a very compact Pod Fighter deck that Taylor has been really enjoying! We discuss its construction and its strategy. Maybe Pod Fighter should be the foregrounded woman in the red dress to your next Wandering Eye Boyfriend meme.

Then, we discuss Going Viral, probably the best event card of the entire batch. It’s great - if you’re a zombie, you should play it. If you’re a plant, you should learn to play around it. We talk about how to do both, and why it very deservedly sits atop the event card rankings. 

Finally, we discuss Taylor’s favorite iconic zombie tribe, Gargantuars. We reminisce about their role in the original PVZ, discuss their mechanical identity, and talk about how to build with them! 

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Show notes for episode 38

[0:00] Tournament Updates
[3:14] Reddit Highlight: OTK Pod Fighter
 - The Thread:
[12:25] Card of the Week: Going Viral
 - Limited Resources: The 'Groan Test':
[23:19] Tribe Talk: Gargantuars