Shroom for Two Episode 39: Bananasaurus Dex

Hello, Heroes! 

Welcome to another bananular episode of Shroom for Two! This week, we’re in for a handful of decks, and a handful of mea culpas about Banana Split!

First, Mike gives a tournament update, and agrees to reveal his slightly-super-secret technology later in the show.

Then, we highlight some cool stuff from the PVZ Heroes subreddit.  Some old stuff, some new stuff, and some cool work done by PVZ Heroes listeners.

Subsequently, we do a little follow-up from Listener Eliotte, who sends us a neat Cursed Gargolith deck. 

Afterwards, we give Sonic Bloom the Card-Of-The-Week treatment. While we don’t think it’s a runaway A+, we discuss how it can be used and what sorts of cards it’s a drop-in replacement for. 

Synonym-for-nextwards, we discuss Mike’s Banana CC deck that he cruised to Ultimate with. His win rate with the deck was, if you’ll excuse the pun, bananas. We talk about what might be so sweet about it, how he came to build it, and why on hollow earth he’s not running Berry Blast.  

[0:00] Mike's Tournament and Reddit Stuff
 - Concept art thread
 - Old gameplay video
[3:47] Listener Eliotte's Cursed Gargolith deck
 - The deck
[6:41] FTP tips thread
[12:39] Sonic Bloom
[24:26] Mike's Banana Captain Combustible
 - The deck