Shroom for Two Episode 40: Live Free or Mail Bag

Hello, Heroes! Welcome to another inquisitive episode about Shroom for Two. This week, we’re digging into our listener mail bag! 

First, we’re getting an update on Mike’s progress through the tournament. Then, we’re discussing a pair of Beastly event cards (Synchronized Swimmer and King of the Grill). Finally, our main segment is answering a handful of listener mails. 

If you’d like to hear your questions on the show, please write to us at! You can also find videos of Mike’s tournament games on our YouTube page, shroomfortwopodcast.

[0:00] Tournament Recap
[4:17] Card of the Week: Synchronized Swimmer
[9:09] Card of the Week: King of the Grill
[14:21] Listener Mail: Briar Rose
[20:11] Listener Mail: Valkyrie
[26:50] Listener Mail: Arena?
[36:26] Listener Mail: 1 cost gravestones
[40:43] Listener Deck: Banana Combustable
 - The email:
 - The deck:
[44:05] Listener Mail: Underrated environments
[47:50] Listener Mail: Binary Trickster
 - The email:
 - The deck: