Shroom for Two Episode 37: Wearing a Little Flower As a Hat

Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to another episode of Shroom for Two, the PVZ Heroes podcast that, like every rose, has its thorns.

This week, we discuss our current standings in the Reddit tournament. Mike's doing his best Lebron impression and vanquishing everybody, although perhaps the dream team of upcoming opponents will finally put a stop to his reign of terror.

Our card of the week, High Voltage Currant, kicks off an extremely juicy month of June. There are a lot of pushed event cards coming this month, and HVC is no exception. We talk about why it's good early and late, and why this Cosmic Berry by another name should make its way into your decks.

Finally, we do our next installment of Tribe Talk. Flowers are the subject this week; we discuss their far-reaching mechanical identity. We also ponder what needs to be done about Briar Rose, the flower lord that, upon a mountain of skulls, in a castle of pain, sits on a throne of our broken dreams.

If you'd like to sound off about Briar Rose, or any other subject, please write to us at!

Show notes for episode 37

[0:00] Tournament updates and jokes about Lebron
[2:52] Superpower randomness
[9:27] Card of the Week: High-Voltage Currant
[12:56] Mike's FTP Update
[14:13] Tribe Talk: Flowers (also Briar Rose)