Shroom for Two Episode 41: Gavle Goat

Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to the belated 41st episode of Shroom for Two! Taylor is back from the woods; your favorite PVZ Heroes podcast duo is ready to share strategic tip and Wikipedia factoids about goats once again.

We start with Mike’s climb to Ultimate rank with his free-to-play deck. He hit rank 50 in the last few days of the season, and he’s here to talk about how he did it. He’s also got a big huge reddit thread about what he learned, and we encourage you to check that out!

Next, we double up on Card of the Week. Corn Dog and Trapper Zombie get some scrutiny and we evaluate the contexts in which they’re good. This is the best run of event cards we’ve seen for a while - solid role-players with minimal downside, that you don’t need to stress about grinding four of.

Finally, we go over the victory threads from the winner of the reddit tournament! In exchange for their sweet 50 Canadian dollars, user Danilo made a pair of extensive write-ups! We break down a pair of the decks that they used, and go over some of the strategic implications of their card choices.

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Show Notes for Episode 41

0:00 The Gävle Goatävle_goat

1:00 Mike hits ultimate with his F2P account

10:01 Card of the Week: Corn Dog

18:49 Card of the Week: Trapper Zombie

25:25 Ociti wins the Reddit Tournament

 - Plant Thread

 - Zombie Thread

44:57 World Cup talk

 - That cool graphic