Shroom For Two Episode 42: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galactic Gardens

Hello, Heroes! 

Welcome to the next episode of Shroom for Two! This week, in honor of this being Episode 42, we’re reviewing the Galactic Gardens expansion!

First, we have some new videos to plug on our YouTube page - Mike and Taylor watched some of Mike’s recorded tournament matches and made commentary tracks! Check those out on YouTube channel shroomfortwopodcast to see our evaluation of those games. 

Next, we go into Sap Fling on the card of the week segment. We disagree about its overall power level, but agree that it’s a cool card that fills an interesting niche. 

Finally, we take a huge bite out of the Galactic Gardens set. We discuss the keywords, the Environment card type, and the cards we loved (plus one card we didn’t). 

If you’ve got commentary on Galactic Gardens, please send it to! 

Show Notes for Episode 42

0:00 YouTube Videos

4:30 Card of the Week: Sap Fling

15:08 Galactic Gardens set review