Shroom for Two Episode 46: Rise of the Aerocabra

Hello, Heroes! Welcome to another goatlike episode of Shroom for Two! This week, we ride around on hoverboards in search of grass to eat.

Unfortunately, our hoverboards are in the shop, so instead, we discuss everybody’s favorite goat whose name sounds cooler in Spanish, the Hovergoat 3000.

We demo a new segment this week, where we blend the card of the week with a deck analysis. We’ve brewed an interesting deck featuring our pal the Aerocabra, and we’ve extended the card of the week segment to accommodate it.

We’re still looking for listener deck submissions! This week, we specifically call out Cyclecap decks and decks featuring Atomic Bombergranate. If you’ve got any of those to share, send them our way at!

Show Notes for this Episode

Our old friend HGC, Helena Geometric Carter:

Binomial Probability Calculator, that you should really be using for Bad Moon Rising and other effects that draw with replacement (like random effects where you can get duplicates):

Taylor Series - an infinitely approximation or a function:

Mike’s Aerocabra deck: