Shroom for Two Episode 47: The Cicleta-cap episode

Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to a cantripping episode of Shroom for Two! Apologies for the late posting.

This week, we break down all of the Cyclecap decks you all were so kind to provide to us! We sourced a number of decks from the Shroom for Two audience, and devoted pretty much the entire show to them! We discuss what goes in every deck, what sorts of sub-strategies exist within Cyclecap, and what creative singletons people chose to fill the gaps.

Note from Future Taylor: Past Taylor didn't leave Future Taylor enough time to get those infographics done, so those are going to have to come next time. We're still publishing the data and the totals of each card, so you can see what everybody chose to brew with. Pretty pictures will come next week!

Show Notes for Episode 47

Mike's Aerocabra Decks, plus a super sweet in-game moment with the Smash (Using the Smash's ultimate to Supernova some mushrooms and give Supernova Garg +4/+4 with Ancient Vimpire):

Cyclecap decks submitted by you guys:

Cyclecap Card-By-Card Totals: