Shroom for Two Episode 48: The Red Sox Scored 11 Runs In One Inning

Hello, Heroes! 

Welcome to another token-generating episode of Shroom for Two! We’re basically doubling up on cards of the week this time - we gave Atomic Bombergranate short shrift last time, so we’re doing it a favor and giving it some shrift-elongation surgery to start the show, now that we've actually played with the card.

Then, we have quite a bit to say about our real card of the week, Imp-Throwing Imp! We point out some differences between Imp-Throwing Imp and the rest of the Imp crowd. Then, we detail the kinds of board states the Imp-Throwing Imp-Throwing Imp crushes, and the kinds it gets crushed by. To finish the segment, we have a lengthy discussion of the Brain Freeze deck that Mike used to hit Ultimate with Imp-Throwing Imp-Throwing Imp-Throwing Imp. We also sleuth out some Space Cowboy rules interactions.

Finally, we announce our next deck data crunch - Conjure Huge-Giganticus! Please send your Conjure HG decks to! We’ll also accept Conjure Super-Brainz if you haven’t got HG.

If you’ve got any particular questions or comments about the show, you can send those our way too! You can check out all of our videos at shroomfortwopodcast on YouTube!

Show Notes for Episode 48

Extremely important link you should definitely click:

Mike’s Atomic Bombergranate Decks:

Smoke Bomb in 2018? It’s more likely than you think:

Mike Hitting 50 with Dude-Throwing-Brain Freeze