Shroom for Two Episode 50: Crowddecking

Hello, Heroes! 

Welcome to our anniversary episode of Shroom for Two! We’ve been bringing you this show, weekly-ish, for a whole year! It’s been quite a wild ride, and we’re super thankful to you all for having been on it with us!

So grateful, in fact, that we’ve got a special announcement! We’re proud to announce the existence of a #shroomfortwo channel in the PVZ Heroes Discord! Hop on over there and say hello! 

On the actual show this week, we see the results of Taylor’s brewing with Thinking Cap, and the breadth of y’all’s Conjure HG decks! 

 Show notes for Episode 50

Decks from this episode:

Decks from the Conjure HG segment:

PVZ Heroes Discord. Come find us in #ShroomForTwo: