Shroom for Two Episode 52: Tomato Jam 2

Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to another lycopene-rich episode of Shroom for Two!

This week, Mike discusses his recent invitation to the Card Game Illuminati! He’s joined a super secret PVZ Heroes Fight Club (with the exception that he can talk about it), and he’s back with his first dispatch. Check out our YouTube page for his recent Beta-Carrotina vs Immorticia adventure. Fight number 4 is a real doozy - it’s in the show notes below!

Next, we discuss the Card of the Week, Ketchup Mechanic! Since we’re doing decks for that segment nowadays, Taylor revisits his Rose Mixed Nuts deck from the last battle episode. He cut the Go Nuts for some more proactive 3-drops and likes the results he’s left with!

Finally, we take a brief dip into the mailbag. If you want to send us some listener mail, please send it our way at!

Show Notes for Episode 52

Mike (BC) vs IgmaRockers (Immorticia) game 4. It’s a real wing-dinger!

Taylor’s Mixed Nuts Rose, featuring Ketchup Mechanic:

Listener Austin’s Terrify deck from the mailbag: