Shroom for Two Episode 49: Labor Dabor

Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to another episode of Shroom for Two, laboriously crafted on its namesake day!  We recorded our episode early this week, which means two things: 

1. You get to hear it two days earlier than usual! 

2. We’re doing a mailbag this week instead of the Conjure HG breakdown. Don’t fret! You’ll see that next week on our 50th episode.

We also get down deep with Thinking Cap! Taylor takes on the laddering challenge with Thinking Cap. Next week you’ll find out about the decks he brewed with Dr. Spacetime and Zombology Teacher!

Thanks for all your interesting questions! We answer questions about formats, new card types, and more! If you’ve got any to send our way, email us at!

Show Notes for Episode 49

Homestar Runner Labor Day:

Todayborday is Labor Day:

Imp-Throwing Imp Decks:

Eliotte’s Mono-color Listener Mail:

Listener Eliotte’s Mono-color Decks: