Shroom for Two Episode 65: The Great Rebalancing

Hello, Heroes!

The great rebalancing is upon us! The new balance patch has landed in PVZ Heroes, so it’s time to dive right in to the new meta. We’re diving in so deep, we recorded an entire second podcast this week! We recorded a Colossal Fossils retrospective on Wednesday, the night before the patch dropped.

When the patch arrived on Thursday, we decided to record again! Enjoy a bonus segment from future Mike, and future Taylor, on what we think the implications of the new patch will be. We talk about what we’ll be experimenting with, what we’re hoping we stop seeing, and where our question marks are.

Enjoy the balance patch, Heroes! See you on the ladder. Don’t forget to come hang out in the #ShroomForTwo channel on the PVZ Heroes Discord!

Show Notes for Episode 65

PVZ Heroes Discord:

Mike’s amphibious Beta Carrotina deck:

Taylor learning about Yeti Smash:

Reddit thread about the balance patch: