Shroom for Two Episode 64: 20Fryteen

Hello, Heroes! 

Welcome to another frytacular episode of Shroom for Two. This week, we’re examining a pair of year’s end videos from Fry ‘Em Up, the biggest PVZ Heroes YouTuber. 

He has two videos up right now that showcase his favorite plant and zombie decks for 2018. Mike and Taylor watched those videos, built some of the decks, and took them for a spin. Check them out yourselves, and tune in for our commentary! 

As a reminder, we’re moving to a biweekly show format, so there’s no show next week (Mike and Taylor will be too busy turning 30 to do a show). Next time, we hope to review some Gravestone Neptuna decks, so please send yours to!

We’re hoping to do a listener mailbag sometime soon too, so please send questions you’ve got to as well! 

Don’t forget to check out our #shroomfortwo channel on the PVZ Heroes Discord server in the show notes!

Show Notes for Episode 64:

PVZ Heroes Discord:

Fry’s Plant Video:

Fry’s Zombie Video:

Mike’s Aggro Green Shadow deck (18-0 version)