Shroom for Two Episode 67: Every Other Podcast is Alive Inside You

Hello, Heroes! 

Welcome to another episode of Shroom for Two, where Taylor spreads the word of the new Philadelphia gospel: Did you know that all the food you’ve ever eaten is alive inside you, and that the only way to deal with that is to turn yourself into a statue? Neither did Mike! You’ll get some education on this latest nutritional trend. 

You’ll also receive some education on the subject of Frankentaur and Shieldcrusher Viking, the two main subjects of this episode. We discuss Mike’s latest video, and Taylor’s latest foray into Z-Mech go-wide beatdown. 

Do attend. 

If you’d like to send Mike and Taylor some listener mail, you can do so at, or in the PVZ Heroes Discord channel, #shroomfortwo! 

Show Notes for Episode 67

That weird meme from r/Philadelphia:

More of that weird Steel Furnacr meme:

NHL owner invests $250 million into minor league football

Mike’s latest YouTube video:

Mike and Taylor’s decks from this episode:,

Fry’s G-rated Twitch streamer dunk on a hacker: